Spendor Classic Series

spendor classic series

Spendor Classic Series

Splendor’s new Classic Series is a product with an illustrious past and you have to go back to the start of the company to see the seeds of the current range.

Spendor was founded in the late 1960s by Spencer and Dorothy Hughes – the ‘Spen’ and ‘Dor’ in the name. Spencer applied the knowledge and expertise he’d gained as an engineer in the BBC’s sound engineering department to create his first loudspeaker, the BC1. This game-changing design quickly became the monitor of choice for broadcasters and recording studios worldwide.

Almost 50 years on, the influence of the iconic BC1 and its successors can be seen and heard in our range of distinctive, innovative loudspeakers. Spendor remains the reference standard for both discerning audiophiles and professional sound engineers, delivering a transparent, natural and musical sound that truly captivates you.

spendortweeter crossover

Spendor have always applied innovative technology to deliver a natural, transparent and musical performance. The Spendor LPZ high frequency drive unit used in the D-Line products is designed to equalize sound-wave path lengths and generate a symmetrical pressure environment so the drive unit operates in a balanced linear mode.

The result is a clean, precise signal that highlights every detail and nuance, particularly in lyrics. Unique to Spendor, it is also incredibly natural and unforced, so you can enjoy listening for hours at a time without becoming fatigued.


It is increasingly rare to find a brand that manufactures its own drive units in-house – and even fewer that make their own cabinets – since these tasks require experience, expertise and serious investment. Spendor is one of them. We’re also delighted to report that Spendor cabinets are made in Sheffield and employ people from the area to produce remarkable cabinets for themselves and for other well known loudspeakers brands.

From a pair of A1s in natural oak to the Classic 200s in a rich dark walnut, all Spendor loudspeaker cabinets go through a painstaking manufacturing process involving hours of labour, pair matching, staining and hand finishing to create their stunning looks.

If you are the kind of person who really appreciates craft, skill, imagination and attention to detail, you can choose any Spendor loudspeaker confident you are investing in true British craftsmanship.


Spendor Classic 1.2 cherry image 01

Over five decades Spendor Classic loudspeakers have earned iconic status as the reference standard for many audiophiles, musicians and professional sound engineers. Inspired by the enthusiastic world-wide response following the introduction of our flagship Spendor SP200, for 2017 Spendor are introducing the most significant performance improvements ever across all models.

Their new models are built around a totally new generation of Spendor drive units. Featuring advanced polymer and Kevlar cones, cast magnesium alloy chassis, high-efficiency motor systems, optimised electrodynamic damping and excellent thermal dissipation, they deliver a truly captivating sound with unprecedented transparency and dynamic contrast.

Spendor Classic 2.3 cherry image 01 Spendor Classic 2.3 dark walnut image 01

With meticulously refined crossover networks, enhanced cabinet structures, new elastomer panel damping and new style magnetic grilles, the new Spendor Classic loudspeakers deliver music with the captivating warmth and charm of the 70s originals. Refined and perfected over five decades, Spendor Classic offers the ultimate in pure listening pleasure for serious audiophiles.

Spendor Classic 200 cherry image 01Spendor Classic 3.5 cherry image 01

There are 5 models in the Classic series; from the extremely compact 3/5 to the floorstanding Classic 200.

Classic 3/5 is same size as previous S3/5R2 model. It can be best summed up by being called a “bookshelf monitor”. It’s a two way sealed enclosure cabinet with Spendor designed and built drive units. In some ways it is an up to date version of the classic LS3/5a.

The Classic 3/1 is rear ported two way design featuring 18cm Spendor bass driver using their latest EP77 cone material; evolved from previous SP3/1R2. This is still a fairly compact speaker and features an 18cm driver that offers the advantages of greater dynamic capability and better power handling than 15cm driver.

Spendor Classic 3.1 cherry image 01


The Classic 2/3 is front ported two way design with larger 21cm Spendor driver, again using EP77 cone material that was developed from SP2/3R2. This is a more traditional sized loudspeaker  and the 21cm driver offers further gains in power handling capability over 15cm & 18cm drivers.

The Classic 1/2 is a ‘clean sheet of paper’ three way design. It uses a 21cm bass driver, a separate midrange unit and high quality tweeter. Detail and smoothness coupled with explicit midrange and remarkable bass resolution is the intention here.

The Classic 100 is a larger three way design, evolved over the years from Spendor S100 (1989) and SP100 (1994) designs and replaces SP100R2 as the largest ‘stand mount’ speaker in the range

The Classic 200 is a truly high end loudspeaker design that offers true scale and depth. it is the culmination of all Spendors knowledge in loudspeaker design.

Spendor Classic 200 cherry image 01

As of 5/10/17 the Classic 3/1 is now on demonstration. The remaining range will arrive over the next six weeks.

Download a data sheet about the Classic Series here.