Spendor Audio


Spendor loudspeakers are designed and hand built at the Spendor factory in Hailsham, Sussex in the UK. Traditional craftmanship, skilled design capability and modern engineering materials all combine to produce superbly built loudspeakers with models to suit any taste or application.

Spendor Audio’s unique bass and mid drive units are also designed and built in Hailsham. Many other manufacturers are content to buy in standard, or slightly modified versions of drive units easily obtainable from component suppliers, whilst claiming the drive units as their own. Not so with Spendor. The main drivers are the heart of the loudspeaker, and should be designed and built with care, and without compromise.

Originally founded in the 1960’s by Spencer and Dorothy Hughes, Spendor grew out of the expertise gained in the BBC’s sound engineering department. The original BC1 design became the studio monitor of choice and soon this and other designs were to be developed for the consumer market.

Spendor Audio D1 is an incredibly detailed and musical loudspeaker that is small enough to fit in almost any room!
Spendor Audio D1 is an incredibly detailed and musical loudspeaker that is small enough to fit in almost any room!

For well over 30 years a succession of distinctive and innovative products has set a reference standard for consumer and professional users. Many Spendor designs have earned international cult status among discerning audiophiles and sound engineers, and the virtues of such classics as the Spendor BC1 and LS3/5a are embodied in today’s products.

With Spendor Audio each new product is an attempt to produce the very best sound possible but with an eye on the BBC monitoring techniques which was responsible for much of the companies success. Neutrality and detail in the mid-band make Spendor transparent and natural. Spendor loudspeakers rarely sound harsh or aggressive. Nor do they present difficult loads for amplification; meaning they work with a wide range of electronics.

Recently Spendor have done a lot of work on the A series; transforming each product in turn. Internal changes to the cabinet construction, cross-over design and choice of drive unit material have yielded substantial improvements while leaving the attractive cabinet dimensions more or less the same.

We find Spendor Audio speakers work extremely well with Cyrus and Naim Audio electronics.

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