Spendor A Line series


Spendor A Line series

Spendor A Line series are now on demonstration.

We’ve had these loudspeakers on demo for long enough to have got a good feel for the capabilities and we’re delighted. Impressed isn’t the right word though; seduced being far better. You know how some speakers shout out at you and you think “wow” but after listening for a few hours you find that the character has become shouty and what once impressed now grates? Well the A Line isn’t like that at all.

I first noticed this character after running a pair of the A2’s in the main showroom. Working on the computer I took little notice of the speakers until they’d maybe had about five hours of use and at that point I started to feel they were doing something special. We were playing some Lana Del Rey and her vocals were really quite seductive.  The track “Ride” actually stopped me in my tracks and got me up from my desk (adjacent to the speakers) and on the shop sofa to listen to it properly.

Sonically this is a character that follows like a path through this small range and we think Spendor should be extremely proud of their achievements here.

Later in the day I set up the A2 in our main demo room with a Naim ND5 streamer and a Nait 5XS. We have a compilation CD that we made some years ago and this is ripped to our server losslessly. It has a few really iconic recordings which sound good and that we know well enough to use as tools to evaluate equipment. Demo Disc 4 has been a good companion to us.

Dance Macabre by Saint Saens starts the disc off and for those who don’t knot it; it moves from single violin to full symphony in a stunning way. The A2’s kept up beautifully and captures the immense power of the orchestra in full swing. It starts off quiet and you have to resist the urge to turn it up because when the orchestra lets rip you’re pinned in your seat.

Next up was “Tin Pan Alley” by Stevie Ray Vaughn – a slow starting, driving blues opus of a hard life and a hard part of town. Again the speaker managed to draw you into the music without drawing any attention to itself and this is a quality that is the hallmark of a fine loudspeaker. The days when I wanted my socks blown off have long past.


This was previewed for the first time at the Bristol hi-fi show in February. We’re of the understanding that the range will consist of three models; the compact A1, the small floorstanding A2 and the larger floorstanding A4. We understand that these speakers will be available in late April 2017.




The new Spendor A-Line loudspeakers prove that you
don’t need a big space, or budget, to enjoy dynamic, open
and exhilarating sound. And if you’re someone who truly
loves music, not just sound, these speakers will add a
whole new dimension to your listening pleasure.
The A-Line cabinets share the same modern proportions as
our larger D7 and D9 loudspeakers. They’re slim, compact
and don’t mind being right up against walls, so you can fit
them easily and unobtrusively into any space. Put them,
and yourself, anywhere you like, and they’ll sound fantastic.
Thanks to innovative Spendor technology, they’ll help you
get the very best from whatever amplifier and other
source equipment you already have or plan to add.
The new Spendor A-Line loudspeakers deliver class leading
performance. They are the most flexible, versatile and
affordable loudspeakers we’ve ever created”

• Engineering innovation from the multi-award winning
Spendor SA1, A6R and D7 loudspeakers
• New Spendor EP77 Polymer cones
• Three elegant natural veneer finishes:
Black Ash, Dark Walnut and Natural Oak
• Deep articulate bass
• Calibrated and matched to broadcast reference standard
• British design and manufacture

A1 2-way shelf mount LF 150mm, HF 22mm 305x165x190mm 5kg

A2 2-way floorstanding LF 150mm, HF 22mm 755x150x260mm 12kg

A4 2-way floorstanding LF 180mm, HF 22mm 795x165x290mm 16kg

A1 55Hz – 25kHz 8 Ohms (6.2min) 30-150watts 84dB 4.2kHz
A2 36Hz – 25kHz 8 Ohms (6.2min) 30-150watts 85dB 4.2kHz
A4 34Hz – 25kHz 8 Ohms (5.7min) 30-200watts 86dB 3.7kHz

A1 £1095
A2 £1595
A4 £2195

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