Naim Audio


Naim Audio

The above image shows a Naim Audio NAC62 pre-amp that has just been serviced by Class A – our onsite and Naim Authorised service centre. As part of the procedure we’ve listen to this unit to ensure it sounds as good as it looks. It sounds superb! This product was built 32 years ago and with a service it should last another 32 years.

Very few products have this kind of life span and even fewer can be serviced or even repaired should there be damage or component failure. Many manufacturers feel they’re unable to continue to offer service on products past seven years. The Japanese companies often reduce this to two years. Personally I find this alarming and it really is no surprise that we’ve got a landfill problem. One of the reasons why we can justify to our customers that they may wish to pay more for something is that it will last them longer and be serviceable should it develop problems.

In fact we regularly service Naim products manufactured over thirty years ago and we wish more manufacturers would maintain their commitment to their consumer.


Current Naim stock is also built to extremely high standards and we’re confident that it will also enjoy a prolonged lifetimes use.