PMC Twenty5 series

PMC Twenty5 series We’ve had the new PMC Twenty5 series for a good while now. When it was originally launched we couldn’t really quite grasp what the reason was for introducing a series of speakers so similar to the 20 series. In this we were mistaken. Like a lot of customers we were thrown by […]

Elton John

Elton John’s work can be divided up into two groups; his 70’s output and the other stuff. Here we provided our guide of his best albums. We’re not saying others aren’t worth a look but these are gold and well worth investing in if you don’t already have them. Elton John is the second album […]

Rega Ania

Rega Ania Mid-priced MC cart available now Ania moving coil cartridge The new Rega Ania is available now and costs £499. It is of course perfectly complimented by their own MC Fono which is being released next month. We fitted our Anya to the RP8 and did a fair bit of listening. It sounds extremely good and […]


Upgrading your turntable

Upgrading your turntable Something to bear in mind when wanting to improve a vinyl based system is that there is a definite hierarchy. It makes upgrading simpler and more productive when you follow this hierarchy. Amps and speakers can change many things but they can’t recover more information from the record; only a turntable can […]

Low cost hi-fi

Low Cost hi-fi   With a little advice you can buy and audio system for as little as £120 complete. Buying used audio equipment is a great way to get better hi-fi for lower cost and never more so than with a budget system. The fact that you have a small budget needn’t stop you […]

LINN Akurate LP12

  LINN Akurate LP12 turntable Joining our ranks of turntables; the Linn Akurate LP12 is the second tier of performance from the mighty Sondek. It improves substantially on the Majik LP12. Most obvious of the upgrades is the LINGO external power supply unit combined with the use of a DC motor to offer greater pitch […]


Record Store Day 2017

Join us on April 22nd for Record Store Day 2017 We’re devoting all day to celebrating Record Store Day 2017; playing Record Store Day releases and demonstrating the differences between various performance record players. We will also be demonstrating the Rega Record Store Day 2017 turntable and it will be available to buy. Bring some […]

Quad Elite

Quad Elite

We will very soon have some extremely special offers on Quad Elite components The offers feature three products and those are the three best components in the Quad Elite range. First of these is the QSP stereo power amp. With a normal retail of £1200 our offer of brand new fully warranted stock at £799 […]


Rega News

Rega news from Bristol Hi-Fi show We learned a number of things from Rega recently. First among the new announcements was the red finish that will soon be available on the P2 and P3 models. This will come into effect in April and we’re taking orders now.     Here you can see some of […]

Spendor A Line series

Spendor A Line series Spendor A Line series are now on demonstration. We’ve had these loudspeakers on demo for long enough to have got a good feel for the capabilities and we’re delighted. Impressed isn’t the right word though; seduced being far better. You know how some speakers shout out at you and you think […]