Auralic Polaris

Welcome to the Auralic Polaris Regulars on our pages will know we’ve been getting on rather well with Auralics’ less expensive streamers. The Polaris ups the ante by some margin but also offers an extremely high performance streamer and DAC combined with a very good amplifier. All in one discreet box! This is a very […]

Active Streaming System

A neat, high performance active streaming system £1498 Click for details. We’re often asked to put together audio systems for people who have a lot of issues with space and number of boxes but who still want good quality sound. New technology has made this easier and simpler than ever and we wanted to take […]


Naim Uniti Core

  Naim Uniti Core Industry-Reference Hard-Disk Server Now on demo!! RRP is £1800. Naim Uniti Core represents the essence of digital music. It is a seriously powerful machine that will allow you to rip your entire CD collection, store up to 100,000 tracks, serve files to Uniti all-in-one players or other Naim streamers and create […]

Sound Advice

Why is Hi-Fi Expensive?

  Why is Hi-Fi Expensive? Actually most of it isn’t. Far from it. But that’s not how people perceive it. The main reason for this is perhaps because people associate any kind of electronics with computers and other mass-market white goods. With these items the price is always falling. Mind you the quality almost always […]


Chord Hugo 2

  Chord Hugo 2 £1800 Hugo 2 arrives! Next-generation Hugo 2 revolutionises Chord Electronics’ game-changing debut portable DAC/amp Hugo 2 adds new features, state-of-the-art performance, plus an all-new chassis design 5thJanuary 2017, CES, Las Vegas: Chord Electronicshas unveiled Hugo2, a dramatically redesigned version of its legendary portable DAC, featuring all-new casework,flexible new features, plus next-generation […]

Chord Poly

Chord Poly offers greater flexibility and performance to Mojo Chord Electronics’ Poly brings wireless, network and SD playback to the award-winning Mojo DAC Poly – a revolutionary new network module which is set to introduce high-res wireless streaming, SD card and network music playback to Mojo, with both smartphone control and playback £499 Chord Electronics’ […]

What does Streaming mean?

What does streaming mean? It means listening to music! We’ve posted recently on our Facebook page about streaming and one particular post created a lot of discussion so I thought I’d expand on it here. The reason for the post in the first place was because the press and media seem to think streaming is […]


Project turntables

  Project Turntables Project turntables have become synonymous with performance and value for money. ProJect products are the result of an exemplary cooperation within a rapidly uniting Europe. For over fifty years record players have been designed and built at Pro-Ject’s manufacturing facility in Litovel, situated to the east of Prague. This plant is one of […]

New Brio R

New Brio

The new Brio  from Rega will be available in December 2016. RRP is £598 This is what we’ve managed to glean about the new Brio. The Brio has a completely new case to house its improved circuits and parts. It now sits in a fully aluminium two-part case which boosts the Brio’s heat sinking capabilities […]


Cyrus One

Cyrus One – New product The original Cyrus One was launched in the mid 80’s and revolutionised integrated amp performance. From a small box it offered a number of features, a level of build quality and a level of performance that were remarkable. Now Cyrus return to product with the New Cyrus One £699 Good […]