Your Music


Your Music – however you choose to store it

Hi-Fi can be needlessly complicated. It is often made more so by the specialist press and by websites and forums aimed at a small number of people who are “techies”. Such jargon rich content is both confusing and dull.

Most of us get into Hi-Fi because we love music. If you own music on any format you will need a device to play it on. That could be your phone, an i-Pod, the stereo in the car or a system in your home. All of those devices and systems enable you to enjoy your music to a greater or lesser extent.

At Moorgate Acoustics we understand a number of things. Foremost among them is that you love music and you need a stereo system to enable you to enjoy it properly. I say properly because many of the means that people use to listen to music don’t really do it justice. They don’t enhance the experience and as a result they don’t make listening particularly pleasurable.



Those little white headphones coupled up to a phone or an iPod are great whilst you are on the move but prolonged listening is actually fatiguing. Car stereo’s can be the same; a long journey will normally result in the music being turned off after a certain amount of time. The reason for this is that the sound is actually tiring you. It does this because it isn’t good enough to reproduce music which is effortless to listen to.

Mostly when you listen to music you are given an incomplete picture. Think of it as a low resolution image made up of small blocks. Stand back far enough and the blocks form an image but get close and your brain has to work really hard to get the overall picture. Working hard to get the picture is tiring. Listening to poorly reproduced music is exactly the same thing.

Music should be joyous

Starting with the music is the most important thing when we’re helping you find a stereo system. If you own your music on records then it is a pretty simple one; we’ll be showing you a record player, an amplifier and a pair of loudspeakers.

If your music is digital then things can get complicated by something called compression. Compression is the absolute devil when it comes to music. The only problem with iTunes is that it compresses the music you rip from your CD’s. That’s to say that when you archive your music collection you lose a vital part of it; the quality.

Archiving your music can be simple and we can make it so. Our website offers help and advice but really talking to us is the best way to discover all the things you need to know. We can guide you simple and quickly through the why and the how and get you listening to music in no time at all.