Come and spend some time in Yorkshire and visit us at the same time. It could be a life-changing experience.

Yorkshire & Derbyshire

Some of the countryside around us is remarkable. So good and so accessible that we could easily take it for granted. And when you drive into Sheffield from the M1 you will miss almost everything that is special about the area.

If you’re planning on a visit we’d love to see you. We’d also be delighted to advise you on things you might like to see and do if you have any spare time to spend in the area.

We’re right next to the Peak District National Park and we’re the greenest city in the UK. Look on google Earth if you don’t believe us.

Look at some of these incredible images and see some of the beauty this area has to offer.

Yorkshire & Derbyshire

There are some lovely coastal areas too. Some are extremely quiet and very unspoiled; a world away from what you might expect. Sheffield and the Peaks are a great place from which to explore Yorkshire.

Yorkshire & Derbyshire

You can access open countryside remarkable quickly from Sheffield; even from the centre. There are corridors of green that take you out into the Peak District too.


There are lots of National Trust properties that you can visit. Nestled in magnificent countryside these places are a fantastic way to while away a few hours.


Venturing into North Yorkshire can reveal some hidden gems.


Our industrial heritage left some incredibly beautiful architecture.


And countryside like this can be found within ten minutes of the centre of the city.


Sheffield itself has some lovely places. This is the Wintergarden, which is a short stroll from our store and in between us and the train station. We have a great many fine restaurants and some wonderful pubs.

Sheffield is one of the biggest cities in the UK but it feels like one of the smallest. There’s a friendly feel to it. We have a lot of students from all over the World and many love the experience of studying in Sheffield so much that they stay.



We have some fantastic countryside and some fantastic skies.


We have Henderson’s Relish!


Very little light pollution when you get out of the city.


Some unusual weather!


But whatever the weather it only serves to show the landscape in a different (and equally beautiful) light.


We have sculpture parks where you can walk and admire art that will challenge your perceptions.


And a few old houses that are well worth a look.


Our rivers and streams (once polluted by industry) are now crystal clear; even the one that runs right through the city.


Rivers that powered mills now support wildlife and residential living.


This wood forms the most Northern tip of what used to be Sherwood Forest.