View from the Bridge October



What crazy times we live in.  I thought some of you might like to hear what we’ve been up to. And I wanted to also apologize for not being in touch sooner. We’ve had a problem with our website after our web provider changed hands, changed everything and then weren’t forthcoming with helping us access our own website. We’re back in now but as a result we’ll probably begin work on a new site and shift it to another provider as soon as we can. The “sooner we can” part is pretty relevant too as we’ve been extremely busy with managing the store, running Wax (our record store) and managing to keep our staff and customers safe and our store “covid secure”.

Wax has brought it’s own challenges. Most of them have been enjoyable and none of us are work-shy. But the suppliers are in a different league to anyone we’ve ever dealt with in the audio industry and sadly I don’t mean that in a positive way.  The fact that Record Store Day has been somewhat skewed by the virus hasn’t helped either. Regardless of all these factors we’re delighted with the performance of Wax and feel it has added another dimension to our business.

The lockdown
The lockdown was one of the busiest time we can remember but it was an immense relief to open our doors again and greet customers. Web sales are all very well but it is interaction with our customers that is the lifeblood of our day. And it is our customers that have continued to support us through an extremely fraught time for retail. Thanks to all of you are we mean that sincerely.

New products continue to appear at Moorgate and we spend this time of the year seeking new things to audition. Perhaps most notable amongst them has been the Karousel upgrade from Linn. This has kept us extremely busy and is perhaps the most fundamental LP12 upgrade for a good few years.


Very soon we’ll be doing a Linn event. It will be part online and part in-store. It relates to the explanation and demonstration of the new Karousel bearing. This is quite a revolutionary piece of equipment. There was a launch promotion earlier in the year where if you spent £3k on any Linn equipment; you could claim a free Karousel. We will be offering that offer again and until the end of the October.

Please contact us if you’re interested so we can talk over the best way forward in order for you to take advantage of this offer.

We hope you’re doing well in these crazy times. I know I must sound like a scratched record but do consider supporting small local companies in these times. It is no surprise that so many people are turning to Amazon but their profits rarely benefit the country or too many of it’s inhabitants. We can all impact on that and we can choose to put money where it can do some good, create jobs and keep whatever is left of the High Street afloat.

Thank you

Paul Hobson