Update on Virus Closure


Update on Virus Closure


We’ll be closed to customers until the blockade is lifted. In the meantime we can help and support you via a number of means. On our Facebook page we’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening. You can also message us for help and advice.

You could consider our facebook forum. There you can meet and talk to lots of people who share your love of music. Its a friendly and light-hearted place.

We will be in-store on Tuesday and Friday afternoons between 10 and 4. At these times we will check and respond to emails and answer the phone if you need to speak to us. We will also take orders over the telephone. We cannot however accept customers in our store.

We’ve made the decision to continue our online business whilst we can and this includes almost all of our stock. Most of our suppliers are loosening the rules about distance selling for the duration of this crisis. So if you’re looking for any equipment then please get in touch.

We’re also adding vinyl to our website. We’ve lowered the free shipping basket price to £30. So any order of more than 1 LP will most likely ship free.

Whilstever our couriers are running and the post of is open we’ll continue to serve you the best way we can.

Finally we are able to loan out demo stock for your home evaluation. We do this via you pulling into our car park and flipping your boot. We put the kit in. To do this (of course) we have to either know you well or take payment in full for the duration of your loan. This will either be refunded or the item you’ve borrowed will be replaced by new stock.

Talk to us!

Thanks for your support. Much love and please stay safe.