Budget Vinyl Playing system 1



What we tried to do here is to find the best performance vinyl based starter system that we could.

We would think of no better place to start than with the wonderful Rega P1 turntable. It defines good performance for a sensible price; something Rega excell at.

The Denon PMA-520AE is a fine budget priced amplifier that has an exceedigly good sound quality AND benefits from a decent phono stage.

Monitor Audio Bronze 1 speakers complete this affordable system. Compact and yet potent they are one of the best budget speakers we've heard.

Whatever music you love; you'll be blown away by how good this system will handle it. It is musical and detailed and will breathe new life into your vinyl. The amplifier will also allow the connection of your TV or Sky box and even an i-Pod if you wish. You could add a CD player or other items if needed.

The system comes with 2 x 4m of good quality speaker cable.

Come in for a listen; hear how good this system sounds for yourself.

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