Totem Mite Compact Loudspeaker X-Demo Maple


X-Demo in Maple. Superb compact speaker.

These small speakers sound beautiful and far bigger than they should. Ideal for small rooms or situations where you don't wish the room to be dominated by speakers. The Mite won't let you down.

You can also buy the Mite black or white laquer finish or pay extra for a veneer!

A micro-monitor which offers an aesthetic design as uncompromised as any Totem product.

Beyond aesthetics, Mite offers spectacular sound staging abilities and a seductive musicality. As with any quality Totem product, it offers value for money despite its size. Its dimensions are not a liability but contribute to one of its advantages: gigantic imaging and sound-staging. Vocals and choral works will astound you.

Discover a micro-monitor with precise focus, realism and defined bass information that extend well beyond established precepts. Writing about it is simply not enough. It must be experienced with all the senses. For the music lover whose priority is not only continuously huge dynamic contrasts but musical involvement, the Mite will fulfill and surprise without restraint. Discover its ability to encapsulate music and transmit its message and soul. You will follow.

Usable in two-channel music systems and in home theater systems
Lock-mitred cabinet joints, internal and external wood veneer (optional finishes)
Aesthetic, acoustical finish
Solid twin pair gold plated terminals
No compromise drivers, wiring and crossover parts

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