Sugden A21 Signature Amplifier



Product Description - a classic reborn

The Sugden A21 Signature is is a modern update of Sugden's classic A21 and A21a amplifiers that became a reference standard on many continents, further improved to offer enhanced performance and available in black or silver. Sugden's first commercial amplifier was the A21 in the mid-1960s. It is generally recognised as the first commercial, solid state Pure Class A amplifier to be available for audio enthusists. It was a very special amplifier with a single-ended Class A output configuration and current feedback.

The result was an amplifier of extended and more controlled bass and treble but still retaining the wonderfully detailed mid range of the original design. The amplifier became the A21a, a reference amplifier on many continents. Further improvements have achieved significant enhancement of performance and the amplifier has been rebranded as the Sugden A21a Series 2.


Key Features

- High current power supply
- Motorised volume control (Sugden RC5 handset included)
- Straight line pre-amplifier design
- Improved shorter switching circuits
- Titanium and Graphite finishes
- Higher grade components
- Improved technical performance
- High density case work
- Masterclass quality front panel and controls
- Expanded input facility

"Crystalline clarity, dizzying speed and forensic detailing makes this seminal design the most musical at at the price." (Hi-Fi World Magazine World Standards)


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