Spendor S3/5R2 compact speakers Black Ash



We've recently purchased these excellent compact speakers from Spendor. They're one of the best value compact speakers we've heard and are basically todays version of the classic LS35a design.

Black ash only remaining now.


Condition is as new although they have been out of their boxes. They come with full warranty and FREE mainland UK delivery.

Spendor Say

For over two decades Spendor was licensed to manufacture the legendary LS3/5a BBC mini-monitor loudspeaker. It became an international reference standard.

The Spendor S3/5 was launched in 1997. It gained worldwide recognition as the natural successor to the LS3/5a. Ten years later a new S3/5R acheived what many thought impossible - new levels of transparency and imaging coherency, more articulate bass delivery and the enjoyable fatigue free listening experience which so clearly distinguished the original Spendor S3/5 from other small loudspeakers.

The new S3/5R² takes a big step forward with significant improvements in low frequency articulation, dynamics, transparency and sound integration.

Optimally damped, infinite baffle for easy room placement
Spendor long throw 14cm drive unit with phase correction
New 22mm wide surround tweeter for extended response
Single wired for consistent sound with all equipment
Gold plated binding posts on the rear
Multiple panel thicknesses to reduce coincidental resonance
Classic thin-wall design to reference standards
2-way stand or open-shelf mounting loudspeaker
Enclosure type
HF drive unit
22mm wide-surround dome with fluid cooling
MF / LF drive unit
Spendor 140mm ep39 cone
84dB for 1 watt at 1 metre
Crossover point
4.2 kHz
Frequency response
75 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3dB anechoic
Typical in-room response
-6dB at 60 Hz
8 ohms nominal
Impedance minimum
6.2 ohms
Power handling
100 watts unclipped programme
2/3 way binding posts single-wired
Cabinet (HxWxD)
305 x 165 x 180mm
As listed in options
4.6 kg each
Stand height
500-650mm (not supplied)
Wall mounting bracket (specify when ordering)

Reviews have been superb as we'd expect. Spendor know how to make high quality compact loudspeakers.


"Perhaps the biggest revelation is the human voice. The speakers portrayal of voices is bettered by none and matched by few rival speakers, irrespective of price."

"Strikingly natural monitor that's forgiving of placement and the rest of the system. Voices and acoustic instruments are portrayed with stunning accuracy."

"Consider the S3/5R as your final exam in hi-fi. If you have the right room and the maturity to look past the flashy presentation of many speakers, this could be the last loudspeaker you will ever buy. Even if you 'fail' this exam, and choose more immediately exciting speakers, remember that S3/5R's will still be waiting for you to grow up. "

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