Rega Isis CD Player


The Rega Isis is one of the finest CD players we have ever heard regardless of price. Built beautifully and simply this product seems to fix what is wrong with CD; which is to say is has an analogue sound.

Another less well known feature is that you can connect your computer via USB into the incredible DAC's used in this CD player and the end result is very high performance for your stored music - remarkable if stored losslessly.

Just some of the features...

Discrete class A operational amplifiers and filters.
optimised for sonic performance.
low noise, high drive capability and gain bandwidth.
Careful design of the PCB's.
MP3 and WMA Media capabilities.
audio grade electrolytic capacitors.
Solid polymer capacitors
'Rega K-Power' smoothing capacitors.
Enhanced and optimised control code.
Two Burr Brown PCM1794 digital to analogue converters, running in a parallel dual mono mode.
High performance discrete class A current to voltage amplifier.
wide dynamic range, low distortion,
10 separate power supply regulators are used in the analogue circuit.
10 separate power supply regulators are used in the digital circuit.
50VA transformer.
The mechanism is graded and matched to the servo circuits.
Rega custom designed and CNC machined aluminium case work.
High quality anodised finshed.
Aesthetic black chrome facia and lid.
CNC machined matching remote control.

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