LINN Cirkus Kit


The Cirkus kit is the most fundamental and cheapest upgrade possible for your LP12, provided your deck does not have one already fitted. Introduced in 1993, the key features and components of the Cirkus bearing and sub-chassis kit are:

• The main bearing body is far more rigid than before.
• There is an increased distance between top and bottom liners in the bearing housing itself to make it as stable as possible, thus eliminating even the smallest amount of rocking of the spindle.
• An increase in the bearing oil capacity and an increase in the height of the bearing housing above the top liner so as to improve lubrication.
• A stiffer double laminate fixing of the Cirkus bearing to the steel Cirkus sub-chassis, which further increases the rigidity of the relationship between the main bearing and the sub-chassis and also reduces flexing of the sub-chassis itself.
• A new sub-platter and spindle for use with the other new parts.
• A kit of suspension parts including new springs, top and bottom bushes, earth wire, P-Clip, new arm board, new fixing screws and washers, plus one new drive belt.

When we get an older Sondek in for service this is usually the first step in bringing the performance of the turntable up to current models.

Price includes fitting by ourselves hence no click to buy. We normally need the turntable for a day but can do this within a morning or afternoon if you're travelling distance.

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