Naim Audio NAT-5XS Tuner


Brand new FM only radio with superb performance and upgrade via Flat Cap power supply.


The superb quality of broadcast material came as an unexpected delight when we began serious investigations into the FM medium in the early eighties. The NAT05 XS continues the Naim tradition of producing the best sounding tuners in the world and is based on technology developed and refined by us over 25 years. It is fully remote controlled and has multiple presets for all your favourite stations. Clear and articulate with minimal noise, when correctly installed with a suitable aerial the NAT05 XS makes music like only a Naim tuner can.


FM remains the medium for the highest quality radio transmissions and the NAT05 XS is optimised to exploit FM like no other tuner. And if you want more, the NAT05 XS can be enhanced further through the simple addition of an external FlatCap XS power supply.

Apart from the matchless ALPS high performance tuner head, the NAT05 XS tuner is a completely new design. It continues the long-standing Naim tradition of extracting superlative performance from the ether, provided you have it connected to a suitable and suitably aligned, roof-mounted aerial, of course.

Previous Naim tuners relied on completely manual tuning but the NAT05 XS features tuning through its front panel buttons or by means of the remote handset. A further addition that adds to its versatility is the ability to store your favourite stations in presets, for near-instantaneous access in the future.

The NAT05 XS offers switchable socket selection on its output - the choice being between DIN (our preferred connection) and phono (if you are using the tuner outside a Naim system or if you wish to use a particular interconnect cable).

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