Naim Audio NAC 252


NAC 252 pre-amplifier (NB: requires SUPERCAP PSU)
The NAC 252 descends from the NAC 52 - still one of the finest pre-amplfiers ever manufactured. It brings both control and connectivity advances over the NAC 52, and a significantly enhanced construction, aesthetic and finish. Its performance, too, is enhanced with the benefit of a decade of R&D bringing yet more speed, detail, transparency and music.

Many designs were explored and a complete review of the circuit topology and components took place in accordance with the developments pioneered in the NAC 552. Hundreds of hours were spent listening to various designs, ensuring that the harmony between music and technology was always maintained.

Improved earthing arrangements have resulted in an entirely new circuit topology, built upon a single very high quality, anti-resonance main audio circuit board. Anti-vibration, resonance-controlling feet compliment the ingeniously slotted and suspended main circuit board to protect the sensitive internal components from resonance and microphonic vibration.

Carefully matched precision rotary potentiometers with precious metal wipers are used to ensure long-term stability and preserve music integrity.

Ten independently regulated power supplies are fed from the matching Super-Cap power supply. Totally separate regulated supplies for the digital control and switching ensure no noise is generated in the audio circuits.

The NAC 252 features a silent microprocessor that sleeps during listening and controls all aspects of the amplifier including optical protection circuits that continuously monitor the power supplies ensuring safe shut down in the event of a power cut, and the user configurable 'Smart IR' system remote control.

In addition to the preferred DIN plug inputs the NAC 252 owner can configure two of the inputs for use with the more common RCA phono connectors, allowing a wide range of non-Naim cables and components to be used. A user-configurable unity-gain input is provided for use with the AV2 processor or similar.

Each of the six inputs feature separate listen and record facilities. In addition to the usual record mute, the NAC 252 mutes not only the output but also powers down all associated record circuitry, eliminating any possibility of degrading the main output.

Six line-level inputs including two user-configurable versatile (DIN / phono) inputs.
User configurable unity-gain AV input.
Powered input for use with Stageline or Prefix phono stage.
Full infrared remote control.
RC5 input for wired remote control in complex installations.
Optional RS232 input / output for use in full home automation systems.
The Naim Super-Cap power supply provides each of the ten audio circuits with an independent regulated power supply.
Separately regulated power supply for the digital control and switching circuitry.
The Naim NAC 252 combines stunningly musical and accurate hi-fi reproduction with extensive flexibility to ensure it will remain at the heart of top quality systems for many years to come.

Analogue inputs
6 (configurable)
Tape outputs
Input sensitivities
75mV, 47kOhm
Output levels, tape
75mV, 600 Ohm
Main output
0.775V, <50 Ohm
Overload margin, all inputs, all audio frequencies
Dimensions (H x W x D)
87 x 432 x 314mm
Black, brushed aluminium

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