Naim Audio NAC 152XS Pre-amp X-Demo


Brand new pre-amp from Naim in new slimline case and fascia.


When a separate preamplifier/power amplifier approach is preferred to an Integrated amplifier such as the NAIT XS, the NAC 152 XS provides the perfect option.


It was conceived around a completely new motherboard design that incorporates advances of both analogue electronics and mechanical decoupling, and its performance is detailed, refined and utterly musical. Versatility is a NAC 152 XS forte too. Five of Its six analogue inputs all offer DIN or phono connection options and it incorporates a front-mounted, auto-switching input socket for convenient MP3 player use.


Power output for a Naim phono preamplifier is also included and a two-stage power supply upgrade regime brings true high-end preamplifier performance easily within reach.

  • New Motherboard
    Parallel inputs RCA and Din.
  • 3.5mm fron input with auto switching
  • No Monitor Loop
  • HDD replaced tape button
  • Line level output from headphones
  • Automatic input switching via remote
  • Improved PCB mounting
  • Hardwired to pot terminal for less microphony
  • Double upgrade path (audio AND control circuit)
  • Same gain structure as Nait XS

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