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Extremely fine floorstanding speaker from Linn Products. Good sounding and clean modern design; the !40 suits most rooms and works really well with their range of all in one streaming packages. We also get good results from these with Naim Audio's slimline series and with the Uniti all-in-one product.

Available in six finish options. Great sounding and stylish too. Musical and articulate. Clever configuration means the speakers can be driven normally or with multiple amplifiers for ultimate performance. We like the way they sound with any of the LINN amps but also with any decent British amplifier too.

The Majik 140 is the perfect introduction to the Linn loudspeaker range. Using technology developed for the Akurate and Klimax range of speakers, the Majik 140 is the perfect stepping stone in to the world of Linn. Featuring a 2K array and High quality composite-cone drive units, the 140's deliver pitch-accurate musical bass and detailed high end, this in combination with a Single port with unique "rifled" design for deep and extended bass gives the 140's phenomenal levels of control and timing when playing even the most challenging piece of music. The Majik 140 loudspeakers are the perfectly suited to Linn's Majik range and provide an engaging hi-fi experience for even the most discerning listener.

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Missunderstood excellence Review by Nickleby
Before hearing these I'd ruled them out. I always thought Linn speakers only worked with Linn. I'd also been confused by all this activ business. Sounds like a way of tying customers in to me. Anyway I heard them and was tremendously impressed. I tried a pair at home and fell in love with them. I used a Naim Unitilite system and it powers them really nicely. The cherry looks fab too! (Posted on 11/06/2016)

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