LINN Exakt Akudorik Streaming Audio System X-Demo


X-Demo. In walnut with black surrounds and black stands. All items are as new, fully boxed and supplied with full warranty.

Purchase included delivery and install within a 70 mile radius of Sheffield. Please contact us to arrange.

This is a radically different complete audio system from LINN. It features their fantastic Akurate DSM Music Streamer and this product also forms the heart of the system as it features a very high quality pre-amp. This pre-amp includes many inputs including a MM/MC phono stage that is upsampled to the finest digital signal via an analogue to digital converter. Everything is then handled in the digital domain.

The Akurdorik loudspeakers feature 8 channels of amplification; 4 in each Dorik stand. These are coupled directly to the loudspeaker.

The Akurate Akudorik is the first stand-mount speaker in the Linn Exakt range, while the Akurate Exaktbox brings the option to upgrade to Linn's Exakt platform to both legacy Linn speakers and other manufacturers' speakers - starting with the iconic B&W Nautilus.

The Linn Exakt range launched with the Klimax Exakt speakers this time last year, and was followed by the Akurate Exakt system back in April 2014. Now Linn has revealed the first compact stand-mount speaker in the range, the Exakt Akudorik.

Also new is the Akurate Exaktbox which brings the option of an Exakt upgrade to all of Linn's legacy loudspeakers, as well as allowing for other manufacturers' speakers to benefit from the Exakt optimisation technology. The Akurate Exaktbox sits alongside the newly-rebranded Klimax Exaktbox (formerly the Klimax Exakt Tunebox).

The Exakt system aims to "eliminate, correct and optimize", configuring the sound according to the design of your speakers, their placement in your room and your room's individual characteristics.

Linn Klimax Exakt puts "the source in the speaker"

Exakt aims to deliver "the most direct connection that's ever been made between the artist and the listener", by keeping your music in the digital domain as long as possible and taking care of the digital-to-analogue conversion itself.

As on the existing Exakt Akubarik and Exakt 350 speakers, the all-important DACs are housed within the new Exakt Akudorik speakers. But while the "source is within the speakers" on the existing models, the new compact stand-mount houses the magic inside the speaker stands.

Source in the stands

The new little brother in the Exakt speaker range has a rigid aluminium column within the stand where you'l find the Exakt electronics, Dynamik power supply and four channels of 100-watt Linn Chakra amplification. This is suspension-mounted to minimise vibration, while cooling fins (pictured) keep things temperate-controlled without the need for fans.

Connection between the stand and the speaker is made using a specially designed connector which is completely hidden out of sight. The Akudorik has a ported, four-way design featuring a 6.5in bass driver and Linn’s unique, 3K array, housing the 0.5in super-tweeter, 1in dome tweeter and 3in midrange drive units.

The aluminium chassis is housed within a cabinet comprising "steam-moulded layers of MDF and birchwood", which Linn says makes for the perfect combination of rigidity and damping.

Finished by hand, Exakt Akudorik is available in a choice of six real wood veneers in standard or high gloss options. A range of more than 200 bespoke, high gloss colour finishes are also available.

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