LINN Akurate DSM Digital Music Player and Pre-amp



Akurate DSM is not just a streamer but has a rather remarkable built in pre-amplifer that puts it right at the heart of your entertainment. Simply connect this product into a power amplifier or a pair of active loudspeakers  and you are ready to enjoy fantastic performance and reduce the box-count. It even has the provision of a MM/MC phono stage making it at home in a vinyl based system too.

Rediscover your music collection with Akurate DSM, a network music player and pre-amp that will reignite your passion for music and bring movies, TV and games to life like never before.

Using standard analogue outputs, Akurate DSM can be connected to any power amplifier or Aktiv speaker, plus with Exakt Link connections, it’s Exakt-ready for future system upgrades.

  • Network music player with built-in pre-amp
  • 14 inputs, including HDMI and XLR
  • Built-in MM/MC configurable phono stage
  • Exakt-ready with 4 Exakt Link connections
  • Precision-engineered acoustic enclosure
  • Available in silver or black

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