Isol-8 PowerLine Axis 5 way


5 way distribution with DC blocking

This product can make a real and tangiable improvement in the sound quality of your system! It prevents the noise in the mains that causes transformers to hum and reduced the performance of audio components. In the context of a decent stereo system this can be a transformation.

The PowerLine Axis provides an innovative cure to the problem of DC on the mains supply. In theory the mains waveform should be pure AC: a perfect, symmetrical sine wave. In practice the waveform can arrive at the end user clipped, distorted and asymmetrical with a significant DC voltage component. The AC transformers commonly found in equipment power supplies cannot, by nature, tolerate significant DC without being compromised. The PowerLine Axis has five high quality outlets served by a network that re-centres the voltage axis of the mains waveform. This eliminates any DC voltage on the mains power supply, suppressing mechanical hum and liberating performance.


Number of available outlets: 5
Type of outlets available: 13A British chassis sockets
European Shuko
Standard Mains Inlet: IEC fused socket (Cable not supplied)
Dimensions: 400 x 83 x 88mm (W x H x D) excluding connectors
540 x 100 x 110mm (W x H x D) packaged
Product Weight: 1.9kg
Construction: Aluminum top plate “titanium” anodise. Powder coated steel chassis
Mains Voltage: 230VAC version for 220-240VAC
Maximum Current: 10A maximum (IEC versions)


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