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After an eye opening series of demonstrations (and also some extensive home trials) we're pleased to announce that we will be stocking these highly improved power supplies.

Basically the AC power supplies for many audio products are "wall warts" similar to a phone charger. They do the job but also generate noise. Using a S-booster power supply cleans up that noise and offers a smoother and more regulated feed to the product and this can make the product work better. Bold claims but we're pleased to say the improvements are clearly audible!

s-booster power supplies

"The quality of sound and vision of am audio and / or video system is determined by the elements that make up the system. We worry about and spend lots of money on 4K flat screens, projectors, speakers, speaker wires, spikes, amplifiers, DA / converters , streamers, power cables, etc., but the power supply is considered 'forgotten' by many audio and video enthusiasts, while the power supply determines the performance of each device.

The quality of picture and sound is influenced by the power supply: If the power is not in sufficient, a device can not really perform well, that is what you see and hear. Lack of power manifests itself in turmoil, a flat stereo image and a "harsh" sound. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers provide their devices with a good power supply...  Fortunately there is a solution: Our upgrade products!

Are S-Booster power supplies for you?

Upgrade - or simply replace - the standard supplied external power supply of your audio and/or video device by one of the "Best of Two Worlds Power & Precision ECO" (BOTW P & P ECO) upgrade power supplies and the performance of your devices improves. The result is a better sound and vision"

Click here for a review of one of these power supplied when compared with an already-improved one as supplied by the manufacturer.

Another can be found here.

To ensure the S-booster matches your product they are available in a range of voltages when you place your order. These are; 6, 10, 13, 16, 18-19 and 24 volts.

If you follow this link  and then look at the left in the green bar underneath "UPGRADE PRODUCTS" you can find a list under each voltage for the products that it will support.

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16v S-Booster Power supply Review by Steve Allen
This excellent power supply is, IMHO probably the best value for money product you can buy, especially where improvement in performance is concerned.
Just to recap, this is not just an added addition to improve my current product, the excellent, and World class Auralic Aries Mini , this amazing component is replacing an excellent, and very good PSU , Auralics own upgraded linear PSU which is fantastic in its own right, and one I reviewed and praised highly on its purchase.
I would be bold enough to say, that there is a bigger difference in performance between the S- Booster v the Auralic, than there was between the Auralic PSU and its original switch mode wall wart !
Even from cold, brand new, the difference was clearly audible, yet another layer of depth, revealed, musically, dare I say as good as a major component upgrade, without doubt,what this clever Power supply does is amazing, I have to confess I knew what it would sound like even before I purchased it, already being the owner of one which powered another dac I own, however the combination of the Auralic Arues mini and S- Booster power supply, puts it in a league, performance wise / money wise it has no right to be in, also as an added bonus, I have upgraded the supplied mains lead, there are many to choose from I use mains and signal leads from Mark Grant , again, like the power supplies, products which outperform sonically, many far more expensive items, however, any good quality mains lead will suffice ,and is the icing on the cake.
The best news is it will only improve with time, the manufacturer recommends a minimum of 100 hrs burn in, I will conquer that my original one dId indeed improve with usage, a further extended session yesterday proved that even after a few hours the product improves , listening to albums I thought I knew off by heart revealed nuances previously masked, also I compared two versions of a fave of mine, Ella and Louis
This 1955 recording is sublime, streamed on Tidal the original recording seemed easily as good as the CD, probably better, I found a remastered version and listened to the too, it was very different, at first I thought it better, but further listening revealed a smaller soundstage, on further investigation I looked at the bit rate and was surprised to see it was only a 320 Kbps version, on listening to the original Flac recording the soundstage opened up once again,many hours and albums later I ended up with a grin like a Cheshire Cat
S- Booster had done it again,.
To summarise...a must purchase, buy with confidence (Posted on 08/08/2017)

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