Cyrus Stream XP2 QX Digital Music Streamer



This is Cyrus best Music Streamer with an in-built DAC AND a high quality pre-amp. 

High quality audiophile music streamer with incorporated DAC and preamplifier.

Our flagship streamer allows you to enjoy high quality music with no hassle. Our expert tuning uncovers hidden depths and details in your music, bringing the beat to life.

Now comes without the N-Remote which is being discontinued doe to the popularity of the app and the added benefits browsing this way provides.

The high definition streaming system at the heart of the Stream XP₂ QX is compatible with the highest resolution 24-bit music files, and is designed to make sure nothing is added to or taken away from the artist’s recording.

This product also contains preamplifier and DAC technology. The Qx DAC process represents a huge upgrade to the way in which sound is processed by Cyrus systems. Whatever the resolution of the music going in to the streamer, it is upsampled to 192kHz high definition.

Browse and enjoy your digital music collection with the Cadence app, viewing albums, artwork, internet radio stations and marking favourites with ease.

Cyrus Streamers - at the Forefront of Innovation

Cyrus has been developing streaming technology for over ten years. Our streamers decode the highest resolution 24-bit/192kHz files in high quality.

Our Research and Development team continually test and improve our products. New products are thoroughly tested for sound quality and performance, while all of our individual components are regularly tested against alternatives. This process ensures that our products give you the trademark Cyrus tuning we know you love.

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