Cyrus Stream Xa



The most affordable Cyrus streamer with an in-built DAC. Analogue outputs, good quality in-built DAC, lots of digital inputs and comes with remote. Can also be upgraded with a PSX-R.

A pure streamer with analogue output.

Carrying the same high-tech streaming components as the Stream X₂, the Stream Xa boasts an in-built DAC to provide a high-definition analogue output.

Engineered to get the most out of high resolution 24-bit/192 kHz files, it’s analogue output makes the Stream Xa the perfect streamer to slot into a traditional hi-fi system, without the need to invest in a separate DAC.

The onboard DAC can also be used as a stand-alone feature, by wiring your AV sound through the streamer for an improved sound.

Access your entire music collection without moving, plus explore new music with free access to TuneIn radio.

Controlled via app for your smartphone or i-PAD.

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