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The Aries Mini is a low cost, high performance Streamer/DAC. It is a UPnP device and can play music of all different formats. These include DSD, 24/192, Flac and MP3.

The unit is compacy, the same size as 5 CD's piled up. It is simple to set up and use and sounds far better than it has any right to. Not only will it access music stored on your network but it also has an internal slot that can carry a hard drive; allowing internal storage of up to 5 TB.

It has all the connections you might need; 2 phono outputs for connection into your amplifier. It has a digital output to enable you to connect it to an external DAC. It has Ethernet inputs as well as USB inputs for the connection of USB storage. It can be used both wired OR wirelessly.

The output of the device is even variable to allow for direct feed into a power amp or active speakers.

Set up and use of the Aries Mini is all done by Lightning DS - a superb, simple and FREE APP which talks you through set up and use. It is simple to set up and a joy to use. It allows easy access to all your music as well as the ability to built playlists.

The Aries will also allow you to enjoy internet radio and a variety of subscription services like Tidal and Qobuz.

Superb product and one that I've enjoyed using at home myself. It is the most affordable IN to streaming that I am aware of and yet it costs the same as SONOS.

More info here.

' As digital devices go, the Auralic Aries has to be considered one of the best on the market at the moment. Plugged in to my system it took the streaming experience to another level - with more detail, more depth and more clarity to everything I played. If you want to hear your stored files at their best (whatever the resolution) I'd say it's almost an essential purchase' - hi-fi World

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Aurelic Aries Mini Review by Steve Allen
I saw Paul's reviews and ventured into the shop for more info, after a quick chat he ordered my hard drive and kindly offered to put me a few sample songs on it for me ! Wonderful!!

Being completely illiterate where all things PC's are concerned I was assured it was a simple process so off I toddled , installed the app to control things and rang Paul who patiently guided me through the set up.
After about 30 mins everything seemed to be working and I sat back as the playlist formatted !
10 mins later all was working , I'd only connected analogue outputs at this time
And started off with Amy McDonald , very pleasant ! Queens A day at the races followed.., sublime, easily as good as my £1,000 CDP praise indeed !
Of course some Beatles had to be played
And I thought I'd put my DAC on to compare the dacs , although modest by cost my Beresford Bushmaster DAC punches well above its weight, augmented by one of Mark Grants huge power supplies it sounded even better, giving more air and space around everything , I had to compensate for levels as the analogue output was about 2-3 db louder.
Even low res internet radio sounds good
But I'd saved the best for last !
Onto some Hi Res. Carol Kidd and Diana Krall making the hairs stand up on my neck, imho a big improvement on standard 16 bit !
At £550 including a 2 TB HDD it's a staggering piece of kit, I can't recommend it highly enough !
Buy with confidence !!
A big thanks to Paul and Doug
For all the help and advice
Many thanks gentlemen !! (Posted on 12/01/2017)

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