Sound Advice


Sound Advice is what we pride ourselves on.

The most important advice we can give you is to do everything to maintain the quality of your music. If you own records and CD’s, look after them so that every time you play them they sound at their best.

When you store your music digitally be careful how you store it and also how you buy it. Apple devices default to MP3; a format which is compressed and considerably poorer than the quality of a CD. That means when you save music into i-Tunes you will lose quality unless you go into the settings and make some changes it. Even worse is the fact that everything you buy through i-Tunes is already compressed. We find that pretty outrageous but its a fact. Not accepting that is sound advice.

i-Tunes and Apple devices will currently not play the Higher Resolution Audio files which are starting to become more popular. Please don’t take this as an attack on Apple; they make some fantastic devices but these are not designed to be maximum quality. This is fine for portability but less good when you want to use these devices at home.

If you store your music digitally do so in the FLAC format. This will capture all the data on the disc and do so without any loss or compression.

What’s next?

Choose your source component. This is pretty simple; its the component on which you’ll play music. A record player to play records etc.

We call this the source component and it is vital for the quality. A poor component here will not do a good job and even the best amplifiers and speakers can’t fix that.

Rega RP6 turntable
The Rega RP6 is a fine example of a record player designed to extract the most information from your records.

All in one system or separates?

Separates generally offer the best quality and are also the easiest to upgrade or to add to. That said there are some fantastic all in one systems around now and they offer such a good combination of facilities, sound quality and performance. Sometimes space is a deciding factor.

The stereo systems we sell are designed to last a long time

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