Small Speakers

Small Speakers

Small Speakers

Small speakers are no good for producing music accurately. They simply don’t move air well enough to be convincing. Of course there are good smaller speakers, but they are not tiny compared to something like BOSE. BOSE speakers are successful not because they sound particularly good but because they are tiny.

Why is this?

It is purely down to physics. Sound is transferred by air movement and a large drive unit can move air easily whilst a small speaker simply can’t. Small speakers have to be pushed to do the same job and when you push them they sound worse.  So you lose the sense of “ease” and replace it with a sense of “edginess”. This is why when you go and see a band perform live the speakers are large enough to fill the venue and the larger the venue the more loudspeakers.

Domestically of course you only need a speaker that is good enough to fill the room. It needn’t be massive but chances are if you want good sound it won’t be small either.

Despite this most people want small speakers. There are a variety of reasons but most often is that large speakers don’t suit the room, the décor or the partner. Either way nobody wants friction so a large number of people accept something that makes an immense compromise. But all is not lost.

What can be done?

In-ceiling and in-wall speakers are a great solution. They feature proper sized drive units and are capable of making a great sound and yet are totally discrete.

small speakers

Speakers like these above are in flat white but can also take paint should it be required. They have very little visual impact on your room. Used in conjunction with the right amplifier (which can also be hidden) you can have superb sound without any visible wires or equipment. This can be done in one room or every room.

In-wall speakers are the same. Normally square or rectangular they can disappear into the décor and yet provide remarkable performance – offering anything from good to spectacular sound quality. Manufacturers like Bowers and Wilkins, Kef and Monitor Audio all make a high quality product that uses the same design and technology as their conventional ranges of loudspeakers.


We employ a cable specialist who can fit and wire these speakers and you’ll never see a wire. He comes from an alarm installation background and knows his onions. He can get wires to impossible location and in such a way that you won’t know he’s been there. He also works so neatly that you won’t need to decorate afterwards.

What about the hi-fi system?

small speakers

You needn’t have your stereo system on display at all if you don’t want to. Many audio systems work on an app which can be installed on your phone or tablet. This in effect becomes your hi-fi system. Hide everything if you wish. You can see what is playing, browse your music library, and also take control of volume as well as a myriad of other opperations.

Is there a compromise?

Only relative to cost. In-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers offer the same performance as conventional speakers and spending more will always give you better performance in exactly the same way as good conventional speakers outperform cheaper ones.

We can help

We know a lot about putting high quality small speakers into a room discreetly. Contact us for help and advice and we will find a way of giving you a fantastic result without impacting on your room. Call in and of course we can demonstrate some of the options to you.

Sound anywhere

We also sell speakers for wet-rooms, bathrooms, swimming pool areas and even outside the house. We sell electronics to enable your whole home to be linked with high quality and totally discreet sound.