Music Retail


Retail is on everyone’s mind

The press are talking about it and people on our forum are talking about it and I’m guessing it’s cropping up on your timeline also. I work in retail and have done for all my working life (35 years to date). It seems that hi-fi retail has also had a turbulent time since the heyday or the late 80’s. Only this week we learned of the closure of Superfi.

Our location in South Yorkshire; quite possibly one of the least affluent parts of the UK has pretty much guaranteed we’ve had plenty of hardship thrown at us and this hardship gave us a pretty firm foundation on which to build our business.


I can’t remember anything specific that the government has done at National or Local level which has specifically helped small business’ like ours. And of course being in Sheffield means that we had to endure the construction (with thousands of free car parks) of Meadowhall (the home of the devil) close by the M1. This action alone pretty much did for Rotherham town centre and had a hugely negative impact on Sheffield. Councils bemoan the state of the High Street whilst lining the pockets of these out of town shopping complexes. I’d like to know what they thought was going to happen? Sheffield is actually large enough for Meadowhall to have been built much closer to the centre and in that instance might have dragged more people into the city. Instead it was built out of town and the council simultaneously took a negative view of car parking in the centre (tripling prices and extending them into the evening).

But we’ve always found recessions good for us. That’s not to say they don’t represent challenges but a challenge is rarely a bad thing. It gives us time to focus on what we do and improve those things. We’ve always listening to our customers at every opportunity. Social media allows us to stay pretty close to what our customers enjoy and get rid of anything we don’t.


The result is that the last few years have been very kind to us and that’s in no small part to the loyalty of our customers old and new. We don’t take that for granted. No Sir!

All our staff and myself are crazy about music. It is our love of music that got us into the job in the first place and we share that passion with our customers. In our new store at Woodseats we have created an environment where we can demonstrate and celebrate music played through good quality equipment to suit pretty much all budgets.

The love of music remains as strong as ever. It is a primal thing that drives us. Go to any concert and you’ll feel the life-affirming passion. It can lift us out of the things in our life that distract us and mire us in gloom. It has transformational powers and is the best mood-altering drug out there.

I feel very strongly that we should make choosing a stereo system or component fun. We want you to relax, have some fun and be entertained. This might not mean we unicycle whilst juggling small dogs but it does mean we’ll play you music that you love and try and introduce you to music we think you’ll also love.

Our demo rooms are at your disposal. If they’re empty when you come in you can listen to anything in our store. We do make appointments but we’re just as happy to let you listen off the cuff. We know how valuable your time is and the last thing we want to do it to put hurdles in your way.