Retail is on everyone’s mind

The press are talking about it and people on our forum are talking about it and I’m guessing it’s cropping up on your timeline also. I work in retail and have done for all my working life (35 years). I’d also add that hi-fi retail has also had a turbulent time since the heyday or the late 80’s. And that my store is located in South Yorkshire; which is quite possibly one of the least affluent parts of the UK.

In fact I can’t remember anything specific that the government has done at National or Local level which has specifically been aimed at small business with a small number of employees. And of course being in Sheffield means that we had to endure the construction (with thousands of free car parks) of Meadowhall close by the M1. This action alone pretty much did for Rotherham town centre and had an extremely negative impact on Sheffield. Councils complain about the High Street whilst lining the pockets of these out of town shopping complexes. Sheffield is actually large enough for Meadowhall to have been built much closer to the centre and in that instance might have dragged more people into the city.

We’re also extremely familiar with recessions. In fac