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Rega Turntables

Rega Open Day

Rega Turntables

We have some specials on some of our Rega turntables at the moment. Some of these are brand new stock and some are items which have been traded in as people have upgraded their systems. In each case the items are in great condition and will always come with a warranty. Read on for more information;

Rega P1

We currently have three Rega P1 turntables that have been traded in. They’re all in the black finish.

Rega Turntables

They’re all fully boxed and in good condition. We’re supplying these with an 18 month warranty and each has a new stylus fitted also. The price of these is £179 each.

Rega RP6 in red, yellow or white

Rega’s recent year end revealed a stock of plinths from the old RP6 which was replaced last year. To this Rega have added the newly improved RB-330 tonearm (better than the arm originally supplied with the RP6. These are brand new and come complete with the external PSU. We’re also throwing in an Elys 2 MM cart and selling for £749.


Rega P6

The P6 is a used turntable purchased a few months ago. We’re supplying it with a 18 month warranty. It is in lovely condition, boxed and has the Neo PSU. We’re selling at £759 and can fit a cartridge for you; either yours FREE or one of ours.


That’s all for now folks.