Rega Special Offers


Rega Special offers Revised 23/Nov 2019

We have some slight cosmetic seconds for sale at very attractive prices. These come with a full 2 year warranty. Any marks are small and will be somewhere on the plinth. Performance is never affected.

Trade in welcome.

If you’ve concerned the marks might be unacceptable we will gladly photograph the product you’d get to ensure you’re perfectly happy. Email

Rega P2 turntables

We have a small number of white and a larger number of black


You can see more details on the link here.


We have some slight cosmetic second P6 turntables and these are available with or without cartridges.

P6 No cart £799
P6 Elys 2 MM cart fitted £879
P6 Exact MM cart fitted £979

We can fit your cartridge or anything else you’d prefer. Contact us if you wish.
Trade in welcome. Link to order here.




We also have some Rega Aria phono stages. These are brand new stock but the fascia of the latest model is now curved and these were pre-curved fascia units. There is NO difference other than the cosmetic change. We have a small number of these remarkable phono stages at £649!!

Contact us if you require further info.