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Rega News

Rega news from Bristol Hi-Fi show

We learned a number of things from Rega recently. First among the new announcements was the red finish that will soon be available on the P2 and P3 models. This will come into effect in April and we’re taking orders now.

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Here you can see some of the first images of the Rega Record Store Day turntable for 2017. The turntable is available to order now here and will be available in April. Cost is £250.

We know that the turntable is based on a RP3 plinth but without the bracing. We also know that the arm is an improved one from last years model and that the MM Carbon cartridge is also available. The new graphic is excellent and as you can see also extends to the platter. We’ll add more information soon.

New MC Phono stage

A brand new FONO MC disc stage to partner the new Ania and the rest of the MC range. A mini Aria disc stage in a re-designed case.

The new case is styled to look like the new Brio front fascia which is to say curved and arched. The cost of this will be £248

Scroll down to see an image.

Ania MC cartridge £498

The Ania is a new addition to the Rega cartridge range and is both exciting and priced a little more affordably. It gives Exact owners a more affordable upgrade.


We can see that the Ania has the Rega three point fixing which adds to the rigidity and ensures correct geometry. We also know that it is a low output MC. More info as we have it.


Rega Atlas Stylus pressure gauge £179

atlas1 atlas2


Accuracy in tracking weight is vital to sound quality, stylus wear and record wear. The new Atlas stylus pressure gauge will enable precise tracking weight to be added simply. It isn’t cheap but it will be exceptionally good.

As well as stocking these we will make one available for customers to loan for a small charge.

Turntable PSU

The TTPSU is moving into the new shaped case first seen in the Rega Brio. The price remains at £198 and we are currently uncertain if there are any additional changes. We’ll add that information as we have it.