Music Everywhere



Do you want music in more than one location of your house? We can help design and fit a solution that offers great sound, simple ease of use and no equipment on display and NO wires to be seen!

We spend a lot of time and money on our homes; the greatest investment most of us ever make. Our custom design service provides whatever you want, wherever you want it. That sounds complex but really it isn’t. Listen to music anywhere, watch TV anywhere and control everything from a hand-held device or a discreet keypad in the wall.

Hidden equipment, hidden speakers, buried wiring and discreet and colour matched keypads integrate beautifully with your interior design; providing you with beautiful sound and pictures without the mess or the clutter.

The key to all this of course is simplicity. We really do specialise in equipment that once installed, is simple, enjoyable to use and hassle-free.


Our design team work with you, your partner or your interior designed to come up with solutions which meet your requirements and are often unique. Our twenty eight years of experience enable us to suggest products that are perfectly suited to your needs, your lifestyle and your home.

Many customer installers work from offices and don’t have access to the range of products that we have. As a retailer and an audio specialist we can choose from the finest (which doesn’t always mean the most expensive) products to suit your needs. Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised when they get a quote.

Listen to music whilst you take a shower. Catch up on the news in your study. Sit with family and friends and watch a movie in a cinema room that is the equal of The Odeon Leicester Square. Relax over dinner and listen to your favourite symphony. Or even enjoy music from hidden weatherproof speakers whilst you use the barbeque.

Music and movies are and important part of our lives. Our experience ensures you get the most out of your music and viewing wherever you are and without any mess.

Custom design need not be the domain of the super rich and you won’t need to sell a kidney or re-mortgage the house. What you end up with is all the benefits of Hi-fi, home cinema or both but without the mess, the wires and piles of unsightly boxes.
Here are some of our areas of speciality

• Hidden wiring
• I-Pod integration and control
• Intelligent lighting
• Discreet speakers
• Projection systems
• TV/Sky/DVD/Blu-Ray everywhere
• Simple control solutions
• Streamed music using the PC

If you would like to learn more about what we do we would be delighted to hear from you. We can come to you or you can come to us; whichever is best for you. You will find us informative and helpful and we will consider jobs large and small.