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Quad Elite

Quad Elite

We will very soon have some extremely special offers on Quad Elite components

The offers feature three products and those are the three best components in the Quad Elite range.

First of these is the QSP stereo power amp. With a normal retail of £1200 our offer of brand new fully warranted stock at £799 is pretty special. And this is a pretty special power amp.

The Elite QSP further evolves the template of classic Quad current dumping formula by fully utilising contemporary audiophile principals. Extensive research into screening techniques ensures optimal control of crosstalk and the flow of magnetic fields. New PCB layouts, screened signal paths, custom-made transformers and shielding to protect the amplifier boards from mains hum all contribute to an overall design that delivers a clean, performance and an excellent dynamic rangeDespite its relatively compact size, the Elite QSP has plenty of power on tap –140W per channel into 8 ohms and 250W into a 4ohm load ensuring any speakers can be driven with ease, including Quadʼs classic ESL electrostatic designs. With power and current to spare, the net result is the sonic clarity and sweetness of a superb Class A amplifier, combined with the grip and control of the best Class AB designs. Simple, solid and classy on the outside and devilishly clever within, the Elite QSP maintains Quadʼs traditional place at the forefront of modern amplifier design.
Click here for specification.Click here for a review.Our next Quad Elite product is rather special; the CDX is actually a CD player with a pre-amp and a high quality DAC on board. With a normal RRP of £1200 we’re again offering these at £799.


The Quad Elite CDX combines a CD player, DAC and Pre amp in one unit. Built around the same Crystal 24bit / 192kHz DAC that is found in Quad’s flagship Platinum DMP and integrating a high end asynchronous USB input the CD player offers a flexible means to enjoying your music. Users can now stream 24bit / 192kHz audio files direct from PC or Mac Utilising Quad’s award winning digital to analogue conversion circuitry. It also maintains 3 x optical and 2 x Coaxial inputs with variable volume outputs.

This product can sit at the heart of a digital system and enable a wide range of sources including digital streaming from a laptop or PC.

Specifications can be found here.

Finally we will be offering the Quad Elite pre-amp for £549 as opposed to the normal price of £800.


Through careful component selection and re-tuning of its signal path, the Elite Pre has even further enhanced the musical transparency delivered by its 99 series predecessor. Along with the updates, Quad has still maintained its advanced features including the QUADLINK and AMPBUS connectivity. These features allow the user to connect an almost unlimited number of sources with optimal synchronisation. While flexible with inputs, including phono MM/MC compatibility, it’s flexibility also extends to tone-control adjustments, noiseless solid-state digital switching and digitally addressed analogue volume and balance control.

Specification can be found here.

Review can be found here.

These items should be available in late April. Stocks will be limited and we will place order links here soon.