PMC Twenty5 series

PMC Twenty5 series

PMC Twenty5 series

We’ve had the new PMC Twenty5 series for a good while now. When it was originally launched we couldn’t really quite grasp what the reason was for introducing a series of speakers so similar to the 20 series. In this we were mistaken.

Like a lot of customers we were thrown by the appearance (very similar) and the price/model points ( a fair bit higher) and in this regard initially we did the series an disservice.

The PMC Twenty5 series builds rather dramatically on the 20 series and easily justifies the increased cost. Built quality has always been a virtue of PMC speakers and the 25 series is no different.


Key to the PMC Twenty5 series speakers is the new Laminair vent technology, which takes aerodynamic lessons from Formula 1 cars – thanks in no small part to PMC’s head of design, Oliver Thomas, having a background in F1. The design allows far better airflow across the ports and reduces audible “chuffing” and boom. This might seem a relatively minor change but in fact far from it and even timing and dynamics are affected.

Other changes include both the mid/bass drivers to the motor system, the crossovers and even the fine-tuning of the tweeters.

Even the dimensions of the new speakers have been slightly adjusted compared to their predecessors, while the cabinets are thicker and stiffer. This all helps to reduce resonances, as do the new plinths with extra isolation.


So although the Twenty5 series look very similar; they’re really quite different.

This is apparent from the moment you play them. We listened to the Twenty5.21 and the slightly larger Twenty5.22 with a Linn Majik DSM all in one streaming audio system. These are the first two speakers in the range and are compact bookshelf or standmount designs. We were impressed with musicality, clarity and timing. We expected good bass and we got exactly that but with better control and speed than we’d been used to before.


The switch to the Twenty5.23 convinced us that the speaker was capable of more than the LINN all-in-one could handle so we made the switch to a Musical Fidelity Encore 225 system and the extra power added another dimension to proceedings.

The Twenty5.23 is a beautifully proportioned floor-stander and it offers a seriously convincing argument for excellent design and good materials. We noticed that the new feet made set up and levelling of the speakers easier than with predecessors and the rigidity is another factor which improves bass delivery and timing. This is a fast and musical speaker.

At this point we took a break from listening to attend to some other shop business and it was a couple of days later that we returned. This time we used a Naim Audio ND272 streamer pre-amp partnered with a NAP-250DR power amp. This combination also made the .23 sing and wet our appetite for the .24. And yes the .24 is better.

That said there is something supremely seductive about the overall package offered by the .23! It’s just so damned room friendly! Compact, slender and yet capable of digging a lot deeper into the music than most of it’s competition.

Here are the tracks we used to evaluate the PMC’s;

Steve Ray Vaughan Tin Pan Alley
Ricky Lee Jones We Belong Together
Dance Macabre Saint Saens
Jazz at the Pawnshop
Lana Del Rey Ride
Pin Ball Wizzard The Who
Cat Stevens Sad Lisa
Thin Lizzy Still In Love With You
Mars Holtz
Vaughan Williams Lark Ascending