PMC Special Offers

PMC Special offers – the Twenty5 series


Hello all!

Hope you’re keeping sane. We’ve teamed up with PMC to offer you some superb special offers on their 25 series. Each model has £1000 off the normal price and each pair are in sealed boxes and with full warranty.

The first of these is the Twenty5 .21 – a compact speaker with tremendous performance. We have stocks available in Amerone which is a rosewood type finish. The saving is massive at £1299 including UK delivery. More details here.




Next up is the Twenty5 .22 – a larger compact speaker with a larger cabinet and greater bass extension. These are available in oak and amerone and the cost is £1795 inc UK delivery. More info here.

The Twenty5 .23 is a floorstander and one that is both beautifully proportioned and aesthetically pleasing. We have these in Amerone and they’re £2199. They can be ordered here.



Finally we have some Twenty5 .24 floor standers and these are £2995 and available in oak and amerone. You can order them here.