Naim Uniti Atom

Naim Uniti Atom

Naim Uniti Atom

Welcome to the Naim Uniti Atom

Naim Uniti Atom is the replacement for the Uniti Quite. It costs £1995 and can be ordered here.

It is a beautiful, compact multi-source music player that will seduce you with its amazing sound quality and outstanding feature-set. Its 40-watt integrated amplifier and high-resolution music streaming capabilities will fill your home with stunning high-fidelity sound.

Naim Uniti Atom is perfect as a high-end main system or even for use in the kitchen or study, where space is at a premium. Just add speakers. Our Naim App for iOS and Android combines all of your music sources in one place, making Uniti Atom even more appealing.

Naim Uniti Atom

Naim Audio, as usual have gone to remarkable lengths to maximise the sound quality from such a compact all-in-one player but then again replacing UnitiQute was never going to be easy. Starting with the substantial mains transformer guaranteeing a rock steady power reserve to the sophisticated, hand-wired analogue and digital circuitry, every single piece of the design in Uniti Atom has been considered for its effect on sound quality.

Naim Audio Uniti has been developed from the ground up with a completely new, extremely powerful and versatile streaming board. This innovative new platform is much more powerful than its predecessor. It is equiped with substantial memory and is adaptable  to new technology effortlessly. It also seamlessly integrates with other network-connected Naim systems, including the Mu-so wireless music system.

Naim Uniti Atom

Naim Uniti Atom uses a powerful 40-watt A/B-class amplifier with technology taken from the iconic NAIT integrated amps. They have also installed the largest power supply possible as well as the finest-quality SMD circuitry and premium Burr Brown DACs to deliver the unique Naim pace, rhythm and timing that they are renowned for.

The latest Uniti all-in-one players include the very latest Wi-Fi technology with the superior Wi-Fi processor supporting 2.4 and 5 GHz, alongside a much better internal buffer and memory creating a much more stable network connection.

Naim Uniti Atom allows you to connect an external USB-connected drive so you can store up to 20,000 tracks and play them back through your all-in-one player. You can also use your Uniti Atom to serve music to up to four network-connected players in a multiroom system.


The new intuitive Naim App gives you effortless and intuitive control over individual or multiple Uniti products. You can access all of your music, including your favourite radio stations, streaming services and playlists, or explore artist discographies and biographies.

The Naim Uniti Atom features a full-colour 5” LCD glass display with a proximity sensor that wakes up on approach, accompanied by a bidirectional intelligent remote control that works in harmony with the unit’s volume control should you not wish to use the free Naim App.

It will be possible from early 2017 to purchase Atom complete with HDMI connection to allow audio from your HDMI ARC equipped TV to be easily played back through the Atom.

Conceived and built from the ground up by Naim engineers and designers in Salisbury, England, Uniti remains true to their core design principles. From the finned aluminum heatsinks (inspired by the Statement flagship amplification system) to the brushed black aluminum casing, the new illuminated signature volume control and the beautifully lit base – every minute detail has been considered to deliver a beautiful aesthetic packed with features and technology whilst achieving reference-level sound quality.

What Hi-Fi? has this to say;

“In a way it would be easy to understate just how great a performer the Uniti Atom is, insofar as it’s kind-of what we have come to expect from Naim.

But if you end up hearing one and fail to be excited at the prospect of ownership then, quite frankly, there’s little hope left for you”

You can read the review here.



Since we got our hands on our demonstration unit, we’ve been busy putting the Atom through it’s paces. First it’s simple to set up and get listening to music.  Second the build quality and fit and finish set new standards at this price point. It oozes quality and is a joy to use. The flywheel, derived from the Muso range adds a touch of class and makes control of volume simple if the remote (or your phone) isn’t to hand.

The new Naim Uniti Atom sounds warmer and more powerful than the Qute which it replaces. Bass is a little more solid and the range of speakers that this can drive is a little greater than the Qute.

We’ve listened with the following speakers so far;

Spendor A5R, A4 and Classic 3/1.
Bowers and Wilkins 805D3 (I know)
PMC 25 series models 21, 22 and 23.
Totem Dreamcatcher (always a popular combination with the Qute)
LINN Majik 140 floorstanders and 109 compacts.

Some of the above speakers we’d not normally partner with the Atom but our findings were so good that we kept going upmarket with speaker designs to try and find a point at which me might wrongfoot the Naim. This didn’t really happen somewhat amazingly.

Call in for a listen or ask us to recommend some loudspeakers which will meet your criteria and suit your listening room.