Naim DR Power Amps

Naim DR Power Amps

Our NAP200 DR and NAP-250 DR are now on demo and sounding rather fine! In fact the more we listen the more impressed we are. The 250 in particular has long been a favourite of ours and something of an industry standard. Many loudspeakers are designed around that amplifier and have been for years. The new DR version has something that is quite hard to describe but once you’ve heard it – it’s hard to forget.

The noise floor has dropped in such a way that sounds appear from blackness. This gives musicality to every note.

Dynamics are also much improved too and the amp sounds faster and more capable at the bottom end. And we don’t think the units are fully run in yet!


Naim DR Power Amps

Exciting news for Naim Audio owners both new and old. We’re pretty excited by this; especially in light of the improvements to be had from the similar PSU upgrade done a couple of years ago.

We also do this work in-house.

Naim DR Power amps –

Introducing our new and improved range of power amplifiers, now with Naim DR (Discrete Regulator) and Statement transistor technology.

The NAP 200, 250, 300 and 500 power amplifiers have been revised and reintroduced for 2015 with output transistors developed during our work on the Statement project alongside Naim DR (Discrete Regulator) power supply technology.

This new technology is the result of two “flagship R&D projects and has been introduced to our core range of two channel power amplifiers, giving them a new lease of life and significantly boosting sound quality.

The new versions offer even more of the fundamental Naim pace, rhythm and timing for which the originals have become renowned. They form the heart of a high-performance system with a Naim pre-amplifier and source product or make a perfect partner for the new NAC-N 272 streaming pre-amplifier.

NAP 200 DR NAP 250 DR NAP 300 DR NAP 500 DR

Naim DR Power amps Technology Explained

We have long noted the importance of a clean, stable, low-noise power supply to audio performance. Our DR technology, first introduced to our range of separate power supplies, is the latest progression of that philosophy. It was adapted and improved for use in Statement, our “flagship amplification system, and has now been introduced to our wider range of power amplifiers.

Naim DR Power Amps

A regulator is an electronic device designed to maintain a constant DC output voltage regardless of “fluctuations in supply voltage and in current draw from its output. Naim’s (DR) discrete regulator is a unique in-house design, providing ultra-low noise supply voltage to critical electronics.

Naim DR Power Amps

The new topology, which was benchmarked against various alternatives and refined over a two year period, has proven itself to be inherently low noise and capable of fast recovery to transient current demands.

The new NAP 200 DR features a single Naim DR module which powers the external NAC 202 or 282 preamplifier. This differs from the application of the technology in the NAP 250, 300 and 500 DR where it supplies the entire power amplifier. The circuit is arranged on the main board in a similar way to its application in our “flagship Statement amplification system, enabling it to handle the extra current demands. Both versions of this circuit substantially reduce the internal noise “floor” compared to the older non DR versions (see graph below). This provides the clean and stable voltage reference we know is vital to performance.

Naim DR Power Amps


The new power amplifiers will increase in price slightly over their predecessors – an average of around 4% – to reflect the new technology and improvements to componentry.

NAP 200 DR £1995

NAP 250 DR £3495

NAP 300 DR £7295

NAP 500 DR £19500

The new Classic Series power amplifiers (NAP 200 DR, 250 DR and 300 DR) will commence shipping as of 1st June 2015. The NAP 500 DR will begin shipping in August 2015.

We will of course let you know when the new models are on demo so you can audition and experience them for yourself.

Naim will also (as usual) be offering upgrades for existing owners of the NAP 250, 300 and 500 power amplifiers in late 2015 early 2016. This will be a paid for service carried out by Naim and Naim-approved technicians only and is only applicable to ‘new look’ or ‘triptych’ chassis product.

Naim DR Power amps – the new Classics

Olive Series electronics will not be compatible with this upgrade.