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Musical Fidelity has unveiled its new MF200 headphones, which the company claims to feature a higher spec and greater performance than their predecessors – the MF100s – and deliver an “accurate, faithful and transparent reproduction”.


The MF200s – available now for £229 – benefit from a redesigned enclosure both inside and out. New, more inert materials have been used to help prevent reflections and standing waves, which Musical Fidelity says results in a “more natural sound”.

Specially selected and paired 40mm drivers have been punched from a single sheet of material to achieve a constant thickness – a feature designed to let the ‘phones to be “neutral and accurate”, while providing a “flat, wide frequency response and very low distortion.”

While the MF200s are primarily a closed-back design, the cans feature a series of vents to help recreate a more spacious sound; a common feature of open-back headphones.


A combination of machined, polished metal and soft-touch leather have been used in the construction of the MF200sm, which also feature the now-signature ear piece colouring to denote left and right channels.

The ‘phones come complete with an anti-tangle rubberised cable with in-line mic and control buttons and interchangeable ear pads: padded leather or alcantara suede. Both ear pad options feature memory foam inserts.

We’re delighted to announce that we will be stocking the LINN Exakt Akudorik and will have it on demo shortly.


Do you own a turntable? How long since it was last serviced? We offer a turntable service for £25 plus parts. You owe it to your beloved record player to give it a little love! Ring us to book it in; all brands catered for.

The Aria Mini has arrived and is now on demo.


Software version 4.1 for Naim streaming products is now available to download from the Naim website as planned here:

It is also available from as the latest download their music streamers. Any customer who does not wish to do this themselves – please bring your unit in and leave it with us for a short while and we will sort it. Please call first to let us know when you plan to come.


Yesterday we spent a good few hours listening to the LINN Akudorik aktiv loudspeaker system. This is an aktiv system with a difference. For a start the four channels of power needed to drive each speaker are actually built into the stand that the speaker sits on. That means more performance and less boxes but that’s only the start of the story. The real story is LINN’s Exakt technology. LINN claim; “Exakt technology delivers a breakthrough in audio performance. It is the most direct connection ever made between you and the artist. Exakt pushes the lossless digital signal path all the way to the speaker. This eliminates sources of noise and distortion that exist in the traditional analogue hi-fi chain.


Exakt turns the loudspeaker into an intelligent, connected, software-upgradeable product. This enables a wide range of performance- and personalisation-enhancing capabilities in design, in manufacture and in your home”

Physical variation between parts exists in even the most accurate manufacturing processes. Exakt corrects for the tiniest variation between drive units meaning that every speaker is tailored to perform exactly as intended.

 A degree of tolerance in the manufacturing process is a factor acoustic engineers normally have to accept when designing loudspeakers.

Even when two drive units are manufactured to the same specification, using the same process, there are always variations between them. Until now, there has been no way of correcting for these differences.

Now, Linn measures the electrical characteristics and response of every single drive unit before it is installed in the speaker.

Exakt corrects these inevitable variations within its digital crossover to ensure that your speaker performs exactly as our acoustic engineers intended.

Every speaker’s unique drive unit measurements are stored in the cloud so that future improvements can be delivered directly to your speaker in your home.

Exakt also enables the retailer to optimise your speakers when they are installed. This means that every Exakt system is personalised for you in your home, ensuring the best possible audio performance wherever your speakers are positioned. So like your home, your system is unique to you.

Every Exakt System is unique and personalised. Exakt allows your Linn specialist to optimise your system’s performance based on the characteristics of your room and the location of the speakers.

The size and shape of your room impacts on the sound of your hi-fi system. As sound waves reflect off the walls, ceiling and floor, they interact, leading to peaks of increased energy at specific low frequencies. These peaks sound artificially loud, and because their increased energy takes longer to decay, they mask the music that follows.

With Exakt, our software identifies the peaks. Your Linn specialist uses our powerful suite of tools to adjust the crossover and remove energy at crucial frequencies to counteract their distorting effects; revealing the music that would otherwise be hidden.


We used an Akurate DSM as our source and spent a couple of hours setting the system up. Once the room calibration was done we started listening and the results were pretty special. Clearly this is a system that you buy as a complete system but Linn are making the EXAKT technology available to customers with older Linn speakers. They are also looking at making the Exakt technology available to other manufacturers speakers!


LINN Akurdorik Aktiv loudspeakers

Today we’re listening to the Linn Exact Akudorik system. This innovative speaker is aktiv and incorporates 4 channels of amplification built into each loudspeaker. We’re excited to hear this!

“We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Akurate Exakt System featuring Exakt Akudorik loudspeakers – a stunning work of engineering beauty.

Featuring Exakt Akudorik loudspeakers, this new Akurate Exakt System delivers outstanding performance in a simple package. As the first speaker of its kind, Exakt Akudorik integrates Exakt technology into a compact speaker through its innovative stand design. Comprising Akurate Exakt DSM and Exakt Akudorik speakers, this elegant integrated system outperforms larger and more expensive separates, without dominating your room”



We’re just having a play with the Aria Mini music server. This is a streaming solution for someone who doesn’t want to muck about with a computer. It stores music on an in-built 2TB drive and comes with a CD ripper. It has a delightful app and is both simple to use and sounds very good indeed. It can also play everything right up to DSD files with ease. Simple, elegant and rather fine.

More information here.


We’re expecting an announcement from Naim Audio soon. Anyone who owns a Naim system might find the news interesting but will say no more for now.


We have Rega RP1 turntables back in stock! follow this to find more information about some new equipment from Musical Fidelity including their Roundtable Record Player that you can see in bright red a little lower down this page.

LINN are delighted to announce the imminent integration of TIDAL. TIDAL is a new lossless music streaming service currently available in the UK and North America with plans for a worldwide roll-out of their service in the near future.

All Linn DS owners will soon be able to enjoy TIDAL’s library of 25,000,000 lossless CD quality tracks directly accessed from Linn Kazoo. Apologies if we’re talking Martian.

A beta release of this software goes live today with the full release expected very soon. We’ll keep you posted…..


Musical Fidelity record player.


Word has reached us that Musical Fidelity will be releasing a turntable AND some kind of streaming solution! We will forward more information as soon as we have it but we expect the rrp to be £599.



We were saddened to hear that Ian McLagan passed away last night (3/12/2014) at the age of 69. He was best known for his work with The Small Faces and then The Faces but also worked as a side-man for The Rolling Stones both on album and on tour. He also worked with an extremely wide range of people on their solo material and continue to tour both solo and as special guest.

McLagan published an autobiography, All the Rage: A Riotous Romp Through Rock & Roll History, in 2000, and added to, appended and reprinted it in 2013. He will be missed!

Would you like to see a Chord Hugo being stressed tested by a Russian tank? Of course you would! Click here.

Musical Fidelity MX-HPA

Musical Fidelity will launch a higher quality fully-balanced Headphone amplifier soon.

MX-HPA Back Web

“The incredible studio reference MX HPA fully balanced headphone amp has been a labour of love for everybody at Musical Fidelity.  As some of you may have noticed we have been making headphones for some time and have always been great headphone fans.  Although the M1 HPA is very good we wanted to make something which was incredible.

The MX HPA fully balanced headphone amp is the result of decades of experience of making high quality headphone amplifiers.  Relatively, the MX HPA has about the same performance into headphones as the incredible Titan has into loudspeakers.  That is; awe inspiring, incredible, limitless and any other hyperbole you can imagine.  It is really incredible.

The MX HPA’s technical performance is stunning.  Typically distortion from 20 Hz to 40 kHz is less than 0.005%.  This is serious stuff.  Signal noise ratio is better than 120dB (‘A’ weighted).  Needless to say frequency response is ruler flat from 10 Hz to 20 kHz (-0.1dB).  It is capable of a short term peak of 10 watts (for one cycle).  It has 2 gain positions; 18dB (8X) and 24dB (15X).  Inputs are either balanced or single ended.  It will automatically convert single ended inputs to balanced. The MX HPA is genuinely fully balanced from beginning to end.

The sound quality is stunning.  In exactly the same way as the legendary Titan, the MX HPA brings headphones to life in a way that you have never heard before.  It really is that good.

Considering the shattering performance the MX HPA is a bargain.  Its UK retail price £599″

Also announced to follow is a new and higher performance DAC. “The new MX DAC is a tremendous performer.  As usual (for Musical Fidelity that is) it offers superlative technical performance with ultra low distortion and very low noise.  Needless to say frequency response is ruler flat.

Importantly the MX DAC has inputs for DSD64 and 128.  It has the standard range of inputs 2 x optical (up to 24 bit 96 kHz), 2 x COAX (up to 24 bit 192 kHz) and USB up to 24 bit 192 kHz asynchronous.  It has both single ended and balanced outputs.

The MX DAC operates in the DSD domain.  All PCM inputs are converted in to DSD and then processed in the DSD domain.  This results in far improved sound quality.

UK retail price is £599. Considering the technical performance, sound quality and facilities it represents fabulous value for money”.


The Rega speakers that we’ve added to our website as a special offer have arrived and are now in stock. These are close to half price and represent excellent value for money. Check them out on the links beneath.


Famous Blue Raincoat is an album by Jennifer Warnes in which she sings versions of Leonard Cohen songs.  Released in January 1987, Famous Blue Raincoat is a tribute to Leonard Cohen, with whom Warnes had toured as a backup singer in the 1970s. The album’s songs span much of Cohen’s career, from his 1969 album Songs from a Room to his 1984 album Various Positions (on which Warnes sang), and even two songs (“First We Take Manhattan” and “Ain’t No Cure for Love”) from Cohen’s then-unreleased album I’m Your Man.

Guest contributors include guitarists Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Lindley and Robben Ford, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, keyboardist Russell Ferrante, arranger Van Dyke Parks and Cohen himself duetting on “Joan of Arc.”

The liner notes include a cartoon by Cohen of a torch being passed with the caption, “Jenny Sings Lenny.”

Of note is the remarkable texture of the recording and the delivery. Even if you’re not a Cohen fan you’ll find much to enjoy here and Warnes voice is capable of raising shivers along the spine.


Christmas is almost upon us! We have plenty of gifts for the music lover and hi-fi enthusiasts. Any gift can be returned if it is found unsuitable (provided it is returned in the condition it left) so you can buy with confidence.


We’ve added a rather splendid deal to our website. It’s on the Audiolab Q-DAC and we’ve reduced the price to £249. Click here for more


The BBC reports that vinyl sales are at their highest levels since 1996. Click here to read more.

Click here to read an interesting article about the masses indifference towards higher quality audio. I thought it made very interesting reading.

Audiolab 8200CDQ

We’ve just taken stock of this rather fine and versatile product. It is a combination of high quality CD player, superb DAC and a pre-amp all in one box. It has plenty of inputs (both analogue and digital) and even allows you to stream to it from a laptop or PC via the USB input. The normal RRP is £1000 but we’ve secured a number for sale at £549 in both silver and black. We think it is an absolute bargain. Click here for more info.


Thanks to those who came on Saturday. We had a most enjoyable day. Our next open event with feature Naim Audio and will take place early in the New Year.

Click here to look at our current ebay listings.

If you enjoy reading our posts about music and some of our suppliers – please check out our facebook feed. You can visit it here.



Our vinyl open day starts at 12 today and runs till we close at 5.

Moorgate news

21/11/2014 The new Bluetooth and Spotify enabled Naim Audio Uniti Series have now arrived and are on demonstration. We’ll be getting some hours on them immediately so as they’ll sound their best when you hear them! The range features Qute, Lite, Uniti 2 andSuperUniti. Outgoing models are being sold on as a result of this. Substantial savings!



Today we are listening to Storyville by Robbie Robertson. Released in 1991 it is musically based on the Jazz Quarter of New Orleans and on his experiences in that State. It features some excellent songs and is extremely well recorded. Robertson uses a wide range of musicians in the recording process and there are some well known names on there including many local musicians and a mix of Cajun influences. The songs drip with imagery and tell stories from places and times alien to most of us. Well worth a listen; especially late at night with a glass of something Scottish. Stand out tracks are Night Parade, Go Back to You Woods and Soap Box Preacher.

Moorgate News

Above is the chassis of the Wilson Benesch Special 25 turntable prior to the fitting of the arm and cartridge. We will be doing this today for our vinyl and record open day tomorrow. It takes place at our store on Fitzwilliam Street from 12 till 5 and everyone is welcome. Moorgate news

Today we’re listening to an album that is considered to be one of the finest live recordings ever made. Recorded in London in 1976 and Philadelphia and Toronto in 1977; it captures Thin Lizzy at the very height of their considerable powers. It captures the best line-up of the band and is a fantastic introduction to the best material from the albums that run up to it’s release in 1978. It is a remarkable snapshot of life on the road for the band at that time. The highlight of the album is the haunting “Still in Love with You”. Then guitarist Brian Robertson had so much respect for the recorded versions solo that he produced it note perfect and to rapturous applause. As a blues number this is about as good as it gets.

Arcam's new CD/SACD Streamer.
Arcam’s new CD/SACD player and streamer.

Joining our range is the new Arcam CDS27 – a combination of CD player/SACD player and uPnP streamer. And at £799 it is the cheapest high performance (24 bit 192) music streamer we stock. Click here to find out more. Yesterday we told you our Cyrus Stereo 200 had arrived. It has now been plugged in and playing since yesterday and is sounding very good indeed. It is closer in performance to the Mono X200 and yet is half their price. We think Cyrus have a real winner here! 19/11/2014 Our Cyrus Stereo 200 stock has arrived and is now also on demonstration. You can find a little video we made here. The unit feels incredibly weighty and we are delighted to see high quality 4mm sockets/binding posts on it. We’re having a listen right now but we immediately hear more weight and depth than our X-Power and a performance pretty close to the Mono X200.

Cyrus Stereo 200
Cyrus Stereo 200

Click here for even more info Just a little reminder about our vinyl/record player day this Saturday the 22nd. Starting at 12 we will be playing vinyl and vinyl based systems. We will have a wide range of performances on demonstration from the Rega RP1 up to the Wilson Benesch special 25. We will be offering incentives for purchases on the day and also offering fixed price servicing of £15 (plus parts) on all turntables brought in on the day. All welcome!

Moorgate News

Just added a raft of second hand speakers from Spendor and PMC. Take a look at them here Second hand is a great way to buy equipment because you can get better for less. And we always sell everything on our website with a warranty so you can buy with confidence.

Cyrus’ new Stereo 200 Power amp

15/11/2014 Cyrus will soon launch their new flagship stereo power amp. Called the Stereo 200 the new amp offers 200 watts per channel to control your speakers more effectively. This is down to its revolutionary hybrid design which incorporates the best of our specialist understanding of analogue power supply engineering with new and ground-breaking Class D amplifier engineering. This amount of power allows the electronics to control your speakers much more effectively. They will be gripped with a new lease of life, producing deeper, tighter bass notes. The extra power also gives the music a huge sense of scale, creating a much larger soundstage and exposing new levels of detail. This combination of scale and bass could revolutionise your system, giving it a real wow factor. We have no confirmed price but we’re thinking £1750. Click here for a little more info.

Sharing this because it’s beautiful. Rega RP6

13/11/2014 Musical Fidelity are making a remarkable offer to people wanting to purchase their Nu-Vista 800 flagship integrated amp. If you have an amplifier to trade in – Musical Fidelity and ourselves will offer you a full credit in the amount you actually paid for it! So if you paid £2499 for your amp ten years ago; you’ll get that much reduced off the bill. This can offer a potentially enormous saving. Contact us for more details. Click here to see the amplifier. We’ve added Stax headphones to our headphone range – a range that we are steadily expanding. Stax are electrostatic and offer remarkable levels of detail and clarity; truly earning the term ear-speakers.

Stax Electrostatic Earspeakers
Stax headphones join Moorgate Acoustics product range.
Quad PA One valve DAC/Headphone amplifier
Quad PA One valve DAC/Headphone amplifier

Another product joining our headphone range is the Quad PA One pictured above. This fine product is a combination of DAC and Headphone amp. It offers a level of detail and warmth that will interest serious headphone fans. It costs £1199 More info here. Interesting review and comment on Chord Electronics and in specific the remarkable Hugo. Click here to read it. Just added a USED pair of Dynaudio Contour S1.4 speakers/stands to our shop site. Click here to look.


This week we’ve enjoyed listening to The Endless River; the latest and last release from Pink Floyd. It is Pink Floyd’s first studio album since the death of keyboardist and founder member Richard Wright (although recorded before his death), and the third by the David Gilmour-led Pink Floyd after Roger Waters’ departure in 1985. It is also the first Pink Floyd album distributed by Parlophone and Warner Bros.

Described as a “swan song” for Wright, The Endless River mostly comprises instrumental and ambient music. It is based on 20 hours of unreleased material the band wrote, recorded and produced with Wright during sessions for Pink Floyd’s previous studio album The Division Bell (1994). In some ways it feels like what it is but we have enjoyed listening to it regardless. It isn’t up there with the bands greatest material but it is still a beautifully recorded and rather poignant way of wrapped up the Pink Floyd legacy and is well worth a listen.

We’ve just added a almost new (and mint) used Naim Audio NAC-282 pre-amp to the special offers of our web-store. Click here to view it

12/11/2014 Naim have released an update for the control app for their streaming products. The upgrade is for both IOS and Android and can be found using the link bellow 11/11/2014 Our new website went fully live today.

Bluetooth battery speaker for music on the move - or in the home.
Bluetooth battery speaker for music on the move – or in the home.

New from B&W is the T7. At £299 this new product sounds a lot bigger than it has any right to. Place near a wall and the bass is astonishing for a speaker not much larger than a paperback book. It is easy to use and to set up too. Click here

Chord's remarkable hugo dac/headphone amplifier
The Chord Hugo is now available in black!

Click for more info We have a very special offer on some Monitor Audio loudspeakers. They’re the GX-300 the flagship floorstander from the Gold series. These are half price and offer a saving of £1500. More info


We’re holding a turntable and vinyl open day in store on Saturday Nov 22nd from 12 till 5. As well as playing some classic albums we will be demonstrating turntables from the affordable to the high end. Call in for a look and a listen. We are also offering £15 turntable servicing on the day. Please contact us to arrange a slot.


Rega have just sent us the latest incarnation of the DAC-R. It costs £598 and has 24 bit 192 as well as asynchronous USB and remote control. We will be warming it up and putting it on demo shortly. More info Naim are upgrading their Uniti series of products to feature Bluetooth and Spotify. Products effected are Qute, Lite, Unity and SuperUniti. Each product will see a small rise in price. New Prices as follows; UnitiQute2 £1295 UnitiLite (inc DAB/FM module) £1995 NaimUniti2 £3050 SuperUniti £3675 We have some specials on our website to clear the previous models at substantial savings. The new models will start shipping before the end of Nov.

Naim Audio Mu-So

18/10/2014 The Naim Audio Mu-So has arrived and is both in stock and sounding fantastic. Musical Fidelity have announced an astonishing deal to those interested in the Nu-Vista 800 integrated amp. Trade in your amplifier and get back what you paid for it!!!! That’s right! Bring in your amp with any paperwork you have. If it’s in good condition we’ll give you back what you paid for it against one of these! :) 24/9/14 Naim Audio have updated their free app and is is also now available for both Apple and Android. We’ve had a play with it and it appears to work extremely well and in particular makes accessing internet radio quicker and easier. It has a nice feel to it too. Musical Fidelity have updated their M3 and M6 integrated amplifiers. Both get sonic improvements but also improved connectivity; with USB inputs and in-built DACS. The M3Si has gone up in prive to £1099. The M6Si has remained at £2499. Both are now on demonstration.

Quad Vena integrated audio system.

9/9/14 Quad launch Vena integrated amp with inbuilt DAC, Blue-tooth and more. In one neat package Vena provides the necessary amplification to realise the highest quality of your stored music replayed through any loudspeakers or headphones. You can link Vena to both analog line and digital USB, coax and optical sources. You can attach an Apple dock for digital connection to iPod or iPhone. You can also stream music to Vena from any Bluetooth device. And Quad Vena is designed with the innovative AptX codec for CD quality audio over wireless transmission. Vena is the perfect compact audiophile amplifier for the modern day Hi-Fi enthusiast.

Thanks to its versatility, Quad Vena is bound to delight the hi-fi listener looking for the simplest way of adding high quality amplification to their digitally storedmusic. And with Quad’s ‘Closest Approach to the Original Sound’ hi-fi credentials you are sure to get distortion free amplification while preserving the richness of your music from an elegant and thrilling amplifier. On demo now.

B&W’s new CM Series 2

2/9/14 Bowers and Wilkins have launched an updated version of the CM series called the S2. The models have all had some substanial work to the HF unit amongst other things. A totally new speaker called the CM6 s2 will follow shortly. This is a high end compact loudspeaker with a rrp of £1449. The model now has three compacts and three floorstanders. They are all on demo now with the exception of the CM6 and this will join our range soon. 22/8/14 Cyrus are making some changes to their product range. The PSX-R is getting a major overhaul and now has the 2 suffix. We understand that it has a new main board as well as the changes that were designed for the Anniversary model. The new PSX-R2 will retail for £750.


Also getting upgraded are two versions of the Cyrus 8. These are the 8 DAC and the 8 DAC Qx. We have no details on the new models except they also have the 2 suffix and slight price rises to £1650 and £2050 respectively. We will of course provide more information as soon as we have it and expect the new models in during September. We’ll like as not be holding a Cyrus open day and will go into these things in more depth. 21/8/14 We’re adding the PMC Twenty series flagship, the .26 to our loudspeaker range.

PMC Twenty Series .26
PMC Twenty Series .26 is the flagship of the Twenty Series.

In stock and on demonstration now – joining other models in the Twenty series. We listened to them in mid to high end Cyrus and Naim Systems and really liked the levels of detail and musicality. 1/8/14 Arcam are not known for producing high end amplifiers but the new A47 may change all that. arcam fmj a49

The new amp takes Arcam to a new level and demonstrates their commitment to stereo. We will post more information about this dreadnaught as soon as we have it. Estimated price is £3500. 1/8/14 We’ll be stocking the new Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800 integrated amplifier and expect to have it on demonstration by late September. The short period of time we spent listening to the sample was something special. We think the price is going to be £7995.

Musical Fidelity Nu Vista 800

At the more affordable end of the market Musical Fidelity have also improved their M3 and M6 integrated amplifiers. Already extremely food amps have been improved quite dramatically and are well worth checking out.