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The Moorgate Blog – September

It’s been a strange month. August was so busy that we were barely able to cope with it. This month customer footfall has been a little lower but online sales have risen! No real explanation as to why but ours is not to ponder such vagaries. One thing is for certain however; all the doom and gloom about Brexit seems to be unfounded.

We always do some housekeeping at the tail end of summer. It’s a good time for us to revisit the products on our shelves. We need to make sure that each products stands up well against others and the best way we can do this is to do some listening in one of our demo rooms.

Another thing we try and do a lot of as we approach autumn is to evaluate new products. Some of these are from our existing suppliers but many more are from other companies who would like to do business with us. We take this extremely seriously because one of the most important things about our business is the quality of the products that we sell.

Choosing components

When we audition anything new we do so by comparing it. Comparative demonstration underscores everything we do and it’s how we recommend you choose audio components. A new amplifier will be compared with the best we currently have at that price or similar. If it outperforms our “standard” we will consider selling it. We will also take into account build quality and the service the supplier can offer us in case of product failure etc. In this way our product range continues to evolve.

You may not know but we buy all our stock. We do not have “loan” stock from manufacturers except for evaluation or musical events that we do from time to time. The financial implications are huge so it is important that our stock is the best it can be.

New Products



This month we have been evaluating Amphion loudspeakers. Amphion are a Finnish company who makes some extremely good loudspeakers. They’re mostly compact, extremely well made and have some innovative drive units that provide musical, detailed and yet never bright sound. They also work very well with the range of electronics we sell. We auditioned them with Rega, Naim Audio and Musical Fidelity electronics.

We’ve made the decision to stock the Argon 0 and the Argon 1 models. They’re both compact and beautifully made. They’re also sensibly priced with the model 0 being £750 and the model 1 being £1199. They will be on demo soon.


We’ve also taken on a small selection of the new range of Rotel electronics. We’ve done this because prior to this our cheapest amplifier was £550 and yet we sell a lot of Rega P1 turntables. The Rotel RA-10 is £349 and has a good MM phono stage built in. It means we can put together a vinyl playing system for £800. This makes a lot of sense because since we moved to Woodseats we’re seeing a lot of people who are wanting their first decent vinyl playback system!


Turntables and anything vinyl related is currently generating a massive amount of interest. This is reflected in the massive interest in the new Rega P series turntables.


Currently we have the P1, the P2 and the P3 on demonstration all the time. They’re well worth the fantastic press they’ve received and we’re also  delighted to say that they look every bit as good as they sound! Call in for a listen; we always have one set up and it’s easy for us to do quick comparisons.

We actually purchased the entire Rega stock of the RP1 and RP3; their outgoing models and these extremely well priced decks have provided us with a fantastically busy summer. We still have a few left and they can be found here.

Record Cleaning Machine

We’ve added record cleaning to our services. Our machine removes all contaminants for the surface of the LP. We have an opening offer price of £2 per LP and this includes a new high quality inner


This month we’ve been checking out new artists and new albums as well as re-releases. Here are our recommendations;

The White Buffalo Shadows – Grays and Evil Ways.

James Toseland – Cradle The Rage

Albert Collins – Ice Picking

That’s it for now!

Live Long and Prosper

Paul, Doug and Paul.