Moorgate Blog October

Moorgate Blog October


October is a month where we continue to audition our product range and look to expand or improve it.

This month we’ve taken delivery of our demo pair of Bowers and Wilkins 800 D3’s. Our first pair went straight out to a customer but this pair are staying in the shop and we are currently running them in.

Despite the visual similarities between this series and the last you might be surprised to learn that they share only two common components; the sockets on the back and the diamond tweeter diaphragm. Everything else has changed and the end result is transformational.

More here.

We’re doing so with another newcomer; the Musical Fidelity NuVista 600 integrated amplifier and we are already thrilled to bits with the performance of this amplifier.


The NuVista 600 combines nuvistor technology with Surface Mount Design and CAD/CAM PCB concepts. Essentially the NuVista 600 is the same as the legendary NuVista 800 but with less elaborate metalwork and ‘only’ 200WPC. Like it’s big brother the NuVista 600 has extraordinary technical and sonic performance.

The nuvistor stage itself combines nuvistor tubes with our exclusive Surface Mount Design and technology systems. This allows them to perform at a level never seen before.

The power amp stage is derived from our monster Titan amp, regarded by many as one of the best amplifiers ever made. However, we have made subtle improvements to the circuit, squeezing even more performance from what was already a legendary circuit design.

The overall configuration is dual mono, with a separate 1 kW super silent drive mains transformer per channel.

The result sound extremely good driving the 800’s and the improvement we are hearing from both these items is astonishing as we get a few hours on them. Since our demo rooms are normally available to customers at pretty much all times, these items are in the main showroom area and you can call in to hear them at any time. We’re using a Naim NDX as source.

Naim Audio new Uniti Atom Naim Audio new Uniti StarMoorgate Blog OctoberThe three items above are the new Uniti Series from Naim Audio. We’ve only seen and read advance information on these all-in-one audio systems but we’re already extremely excited. They replace the Qute, the Lite, the Unity and the SuperUniti. More information to follow and of course we’ll report back when we’ve sat down and auditioned these. We understand that the Atom; the most affordable unit will arrive in November. ¬†Watch this space.


This month we’ve been mostly listening to Blackberry Smoke’s new album Like An Arrow. Think Allman Brothers but for the modern day and you won’t be far wrong. Musical superb and tight as a tick this is an album that you should listen to.

That’s it for now!


Paul, Doug and Paul.