Moorgate Acoustics

Moorgate Acoustics have MOVED

Updated 25/02/2016

Click here to see the location of our new store.


The new store is ready and we are in! The numbers and emails have moved with us!

Our new address is 643-645 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats, Sheffield S8 0RY


Our main demo room is now up and running.


Come along and have a listen.


Parking is behind the store on Broxholme Road.

Located at Woodseats the new store is on Chesterfield Road, just past the junction of Scarsdale Road.


We have a customer car park at the rear and there will be parking for around 7 vehicles.


Our smaller demo room is now ready.


This is our turntable/analogue room.


The entrance to the store and main showroom to the left.


Our main showroom.


These following pics are an archive of some of the work we had done.

Moorgate Acoustics are moving

We are currently making the modifications it needs in order for us to move in. The shop is bright and airy and when complete will have two demonstration rooms, with the potential to add more.

Moorgate acoustics are moving

Follow this link to see some images of the new shop before modifications.

Moorgate Acoustics are moving

We will add more information here so you can see the shop developing. We hope to be in some time in February but will keep you posted as to the exact date.


The walls that divide the entrance from the main showroom have now been knocked out.


You can see we have put an additional entrance from the front of the store to the second demo room.


The wall for the main demo room has gone in and now needs plastering. Once the electrics are upgraded and extended we can start the process of decorating.


This is to the right of the main entrance. The room to the right of the counter will be a turntable room and additional showroom. The one to the left is now the entrance to our second demo room.


The main showroom which has air-con!


Part of the new counter display and some of the display racking. That’s a load of cat-6 network cables.


The demo room walls are now plasterboarded and have now been plastered. We’re painting later today and will post some updated pics soon.

The electrics and security system are now completed too. We need some network stuff doing but this will be happening next week. By the end of the next week we will have a moving in date but it is looking like the second week of Feb.

All our new sofas and furniture have arrived and we’ve sorted the carpets. We anticipate demo room carpeting will go down within the next ten days.


This area will be used for office space and racking for our on-site service department.



This will be our service bay operated by Class A Service.





This room may become a demo room should the need arise.


Our basement is protected by sheet steel three feet thick and is accessed by a thumb print and retina scanned private lift. Incorrect data floods the lift with acid gas and releases an alien warrior. It is 2000 feet beneath the Earth.


Please check back for more information and more images :)