Linn stop making Pre-amps

Linn stop making pre-amps


Linn say;

The introduction of Linn DS technology in 2007 marked a huge leap forward in pursuit of our goal to remove sources of loss from the audio chain.
In 2011 we took this a stage further by integrating pre-amplifier functionality into our world-class digital stream players to create Linn DSM.
Now with Space Optimisation and Exakt Link connections for future upgrade, Linn DSM offers the highest performance, best value and most flexible proposition for your customers.
To this end, we will be discontinuing our Klimax Kontrol (including the Klimax Kontrol upgrade), Akurate Kontrol and Majik-I pre-amplifiers once current stocks run out.
Reasons to choose Linn DSM over a separate pre-amplifier…
Higher performance than an analogue pre-amp
  • Digital volume control offering a lower noise floor and lower distortion than possible in analogue pre-amps.
  • Integration of DS source without the need for external cables which introduce noise and interference
  • No switching loss as this is performed losslessly in the digital domain*
Connection of digital sources
  • High quality internal DACs to connect and enjoy improved performance from digital sources*

Space Optimisation

  • Customers can enjoy performance that’s optimised for their room from connected analogue or digital sources using Space Optimisation technology
Future Upgradeability
  • Customers will benefit from all future firmware updates relating to Linn DS technology and Space Optimisation
  • With Exakt Link connections on every Linn DSM player there’s a clear upgrade path to Exakt.