LINN Akurate LP12

LINN Akurate LP12


LINN Akurate LP12 turntable

Joining our ranks of turntables; the Linn Akurate LP12 is the second tier of performance from the mighty Sondek. It improves substantially on the Majik LP12.

Most obvious of the upgrades is the LINGO external power supply unit combined with the use of a DC motor to offer greater pitch accuracy and less mechanical noise.


Next up is the Akito arm; made in Scotland now and substantially improved.


The Krystal moving coil cartridge is a perfect match for the Akito and extracts masses of fine detail from your vinyl. This is a joy to hear.


The Kore subchassis is massively rigid and incorporates the armboard; further removing another interface and point of possible loss of information. Unseen the Kore sits like an iceberg 75% beneath the deck but forms an extremely rigid joint between the main bearing and the tonearm.

Linn Akurate LP12

Of course all LINN turntables are upgradable. You can add many of these upgrades to your existing Sondek and we fill fit them and incorporate a full service at the same time. We’re LINN-trained and can upgrade and maintain your Linn equipment for you. We can also advise on which upgrades offer the best performance in terms of value for money and listening pleasure.

The LINN Akurate LP12 comes with a five year warranty.


Deck: Sondek LP12
Type: Belt drive analogue
Speed: Dual speed – 33 & 45 rpm
Motor: High torque 24 synchronous AC
Screened: fully/mechanically decoupled



Tonearm: Akito precision al/steel
Cartridge: Krystal moving-coil cartridge
Suspension: 3-point
Platter: 2 pieces (non-magnetic Mazak 8)
Platter mat: Felt
Subchassis: Kore Aluminium bonded
Drive: Neoprene flat belt
Pulley: concentric precision (0.01 mm)
Main bearing: 1-Point, mirror finish
Armboard: Machined from solid
Base: Trampolin suspended aluminium



Power Supply: External, Lingo PS
Production tolerance: 0.025mm
Outboard power supply 0.03%
Power consumption: 13W



Plinth: Black/Cherry/Rosenut/Maple/Walnut
Dimensions (HWD): 140 x 445 x 356mm
Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)

The LINN Akurate LP12  will be on demo by mid April. We will also be announcing a LINN turntable day in the near future.