Improving Your i-Pod

Improving Your i-Pod or i-Phone or i-Pad

Improving your i-Pod


The Apple device has fast become the way many of us access our music. For some it is on the go with a pair of headphones or even Blue-Tooth connected to our car or dock. For others it is actually connected to something that resembles a stereo system.

What could be better?

Sound quality for one. The problem is that Apple have proved themselves to be uninterested in sound quality. Initially when i-Pods were launched this was because they didn’t have much storage space on them. As a result the audio was set to default to MP4 (compressed). Compression is basically when you reduce the amount of data in the recording in order to make the file smaller. This is fine if you really don’t care about quality but shocking if you are quality orientated.

Improving your i-Pod

Think of it this way; you buy a CD and it contains music but when you rip it to i-Tunes a lot of that music is cut out and lost forever. GONE and can’t be recovered. Why would anyone want that?

When you download music from i-Tunes you are also being sold it in compressed form. That means you are buying a substandard version of the music you want.

Many people think they can’t tell the difference. Tests have proven that even people with limited hearing (deafness) can tell the difference between a CD and an MP3 when they are given a comparison. We’re not just talking about audiophiles.

Interesting read here about quality

What Can I do about it?

The easiest way of improving matters is to re-set your i-Tunes library. This only takes a few moments but will mean that music you rip to it will NOT be compressed and will sound better. Better through your ear buds and better in the car. And massively better if you plug your i-Pod or phone into a stereo system.

Sadly you can do nothing about purchases from i-Tunes except to stop buying music this way. Similarly any existing music on the device will not be improved unless you rip it again.

Go to Preferences in your i-Tunes Menu.  In General select Import Settings.  Select Apple Lossless and OK your selection. Now new CD’s you rip to your library will sound better than they did before. They will also take up more room of course but since most people don’t have thousands of albums quality is generally good enough to rip everything they own to the device without worrying about it.

Now What?

Here are three ways you can improve your listening experience now you are armed with a better sounding device.


£160 will buy you the above; an Arcam r-Blink which will enable you to connect your Apple device to your audio system. There is a decent quality Digital to Analogue converter inside the unit that will ensure the sound quality is maintained.


£399 will buy you a Chord Electronics Mojo which isn’t Blue-Tooth but is a far better DAC and is also both portable and battery powered so you can take it with you and listen to music from your device or even your laptop.

£895 will buy you a Naim Audio Muso music system. This remarkable complete one box audio system is far more than just an i-Pod dock but it will also do that extremely well. It will also enable you to access your music library directly as well as accessing internet radio and even connecting to your TV and home entertainment system.


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