Help and Advice


We’re here to offer Help and Advice on any aspect of audio or indeed any of the products and services we offer. We’re happy to advise on equipment you already have and to help you get the best out of it. If we can’t help we’ll point you somewhere that can.

We’re happy to arrange for older equipment to be serviced and also to update, service or fit new cartridges/styli to your record player. We also have a cable set up service where we can make and terminate (and re-terminate) cables to suit your requirements.

If you are starting from scratch and would like some ideas of good systems to consider; use the visit our store link to see the components and systems we sell. If any of the things you see or read interest you and you’d like to learn more please ask us.

Moorgate has 34 years of experience in helping customers get it right and find audio Nirvana.

We’re interested in your requirements and helping you get the best out of your music. Hi-Fi is something that is often made complicated when it doesn’t need to be. Let us help.

For some useful help about choosing an audio system click here.

To find out about Streaming Audio click here.

Use the contact us form or call us on 0114 2756048.