An introduction to Devialet

Our Devialet demo range has arrived! We have the 1st two expert amplifiers and the full range of Phantom sound centres.

Devialet is a result of the combined ideas and technologies of three people; Quentin Sannie, Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel and Emmanuel Nardin.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Paris, Devialet is the most critically acclaimed start-up in the world for innovation and excellence in audio inventions. Their story began with ADH®, a revolutionary patented invention that would forever change high-end amplifiers by introducing a audiophile version of Class D technology. A mind-blowing feat, this hybrid technology seamlessly blends digital and analog to produce sound quality unlike anything previously experienced. Extreme engineering in the audio domain.


ADH® offers the best of both worlds. Our pioneering hybrid amplification technology combines all the linearity and sophistication of Analog (Class A) with all the power and compactness of digital (Class D). Working in parallel, they deliver unbeatable performance. At every turn. Discover more.

SAM® Speaker Active Matching works by recognizing the exact specs of your speakers. So Expert Pro can tailor the sound signal to fit their precise requirements. In real time. A major audio breakthrough, SAM lets your system achieve perfect temporal alignment between the recorded signal and the acoustic pressure generated by your loudspeakers. For the first time ever.

Pure emotion. Extreme fidelity. All your music, just as the artist intended.

Devialet pride themselves on all products being designed by industry leading experts at their Paris facility and bringing groundbreaking technologies to bear. Many throughout the industry recognise Devialet for their constant drive for innovation and investment in new technologies. They hold the trademark for a number of exciting technologies and this has led to two exciting product ranges.

Devialet Expert Pro – The Ultimate System


The Devialet Expert Pro range is much superior to your ordinary amplifier.  One elegant box that does many things and allows you to access your music however you store it; from records to streaming audio. Expert Pro includes cutting edge streaming facilities, a superb phono stage (MM and MC) , DAC and integrated amplifier with a number of digital and analogue inputs. For a truly unique audio experience, you can choose from thousands of configurations to suit your requirements.



The Expert Pro range is also extremely adaptable to your choice of loudspeaker. Devialet have been addings lots of specifications and data about the Worlds most popular loudspeakers to an expanding database. By selecting the model you use the amplifier can configure itself exactly to suit the speakers requirements. When this is selected the difference is clear and profound. We heard this with a pair of Bowers and Wilkins 803D3 and the performance change was extremely pleasing!

There are five models in the Expert Pro series; the 130 Pro, the 220 Pro, the 250 Pro, the 440 Pro mono amps and finally the 1000 Pro mono amplifiers.

Devialet Phantom – Implosive Sound Centre


Developed under a cloak of secrecy the Devialet Phantom delivers an experience like no other. You will experience preciseness, power and clarity unlike any other Hi-Fi system you’ve heard before. The looks are also stunning, from the packaging through to exquisite design. Devialet knows it’s created something extremely special that little else on the market compares to.


The Phantom is a stand alone music system that combines streaming, amplification and a quite staggering loudspeaker system in a stylish and compact enclosure; the size of which doesn’t give a clue to the performance on offer! We were extremely surprised at what these units were capable of. And they feature the same technology that can be found in the Expert Pro series.


The three Phantom models can be used to fill even the largest rooms. Recently Devialet did an event in Royal Albert hall using a single (and then  a pair) of Phantom’s to reproduce music with surprising success.

HBI technology helps the Phantom series product performance better than speakers much larger. And EVO platform ensures the product is able to keep itself up to date.

Devialet phantom

The Phantom is a beautiful solution that will suit almost any room.

There are three models in the Phantom Series; Phantom, Phantom Silver and Phantom Gold. They are sold singly but can also be used in pairs for dramatically improved performance. A full range of audio accessories is also available.

Our Devialet range is now ready for you to see and hear. We will post more information here and on our various social media platforms when we have dates.