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December Blog


All I can say is thank the Lord that Black Friday (and the little yappy hound that snaps at its heels; Cyber Monday) is done with for another year. I am not sure why we have to follow the American model in all things retail but I wish the whole think would sink a thousand leagues (and take Trick or Treat and kids Graduations with it) beneath the waves. You’ll notice we were absent from any participation. This will remain the case and I’ll send an Orphan into outer space before buying in crap to sell cheap.


It’s been business as usual at Moorgate towers and business has been good, I’m pleased to report. Our Rega event went extremely well and we’re seeing a seasonal improvement to a level of business we were already pleased with and we finally feel like Woodseats is our proper home.

The media at the moment are conditioning us and altering our perception of the World we live in. They tell us that everything is bad, everything will get worse and that there is little hope for us. I don’t accept that and I’ll explain why shortly. They also tell us how bad retail is. But the truth is that retail is changing and it is the role of retailers to change with it. This is something that we gave done and will continue to do.


This year has been a good one for us and that is entirely down to our customers; you! And we’re extremely grateful. You’re the driving force that is behind everything we do and I really do mean that. We’re a very small company and when you come in the store you see all of us. With the exception of my mum in accounts the three of us is pretty much it for now (although we will be recruiting next year). That means that we listen to our customers and to each other and we can then act and act quickly. If we get something wrong then I find out about it and I can make a decision to put it right quickly and effectively. And when we also hear that we’re doing something right then we can think “that worked; let’s do more of it”.

We’re extremely customer focussed and we’re putting things in place to improve this and to make the experience of dealing with us better and more enjoyable. We want to be a destination for you to come, to relax and to discover ways of improving your enjoyment of music.

For us music is everything. It is the score to our past and is our best way to relax and to enjoy our downtime. We’re just like you in that respect and that’s why we’re so eager to talk about music to you and to find out what you’re listening to. We love hearing recommendations and then passing them on to new customers who we feel will love them as much as we do.

dreamstime baby rock

I got my love of music from my father and my sister and the very first thing I did when I got my own place was to install a music system which was the very best I could afford. The telly (fools lantern) was something I managed without for a while after my savings were wiped out by the move and the stereo. I wasn’t too concerned either.

We share our love of music with you. And that love gives us a language to talk and understand each other. As specialists we run the risk of appearing intimidating but we do everything we can to dispel that by getting people into the demo room and playing them something they love. The smiles are worthwhile.

However you interface with us we want to thank you for your continued support, loyalty and friendship. Your support really does mean everything to us.

If you can see us in person before Christmas we’d love to treat you to a mince pie, a cup or glass of something and a chin-wag.


I mentioned earlier that I don’t subscribe to all the negativity the press are currently spoon-feeding us. I don’t understand their agenda but I think they’re wrong. In my experience┬áthe lions share of the population are decent people; quietly getting about their business, loving their loved ones and generally being pretty kind as they go. If anything what is missing is a sense of community and we can help with that because music is our community. Let us keep it strong.

(sorry if I sound preachy – “can you hear me brother?”)

From all of us to all of you; Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Paul Hobson
Paul Cooper
Doug McCarthy
Keith & Beryl Hobson