Cyrus Spring CD Upgrade

Cyrus Spring CD Upgrade
Cyrus Spring CD Upgrade
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We wanted to let you know about the Cyrus Spring CD upgrade offer; For a limited period we are offering you the opportunity to upgrade your current Cyrus CD player to one of our latest award winning players – CD i, and CD Xt Signature.In the summer of last year we made some important changes to our CD firmware which has dramatically improved sonic performance and had the added benefit of improved functionality with certain types and formats of disc. If you are already enjoying one of our current models and purchased it prior to June 2015, we’d recommend taking it to your retailer for an update so that you can benefit from these further improvements.Cyrus Spring CD UpgradeWe want you to be able to enjoy this technical evolution, so from 1st March 2016 until 31st May 2016 you will be able to upgrade for 50% of the usual upgrade price. The design is so improved that these upgrades are effectively trade-ins and you will receive a brand new unit.Cyrus models that can be upgraded to our award winning CD i or CD Xt Signature are as follows:

 Upgrading from  Upgrading to  Normal upgrade SRP  Offer price 
CD6, CD6s, CD8, CD8xCD 6, CD 6s, CD 8, CD 8x CDi

CD Xt Signature




iCD Xt Signature




CD 6 SE, CD 6 SE₂ CD i

CD Xt Signature




CD 8 SE, CD 8 SE₂ CD iCD Xt Signature  £1,195.00 £597.50
CD Transport, CD t CD Xt Signature £1,295.00 £647.50
CD Xt SE, CD Xt SE+, CD Xt SE₂ CD Xt Signature £1,095.00 £547.50 


Simply take your current Cyrus CD player from the above list to your local Cyrus retailer and use this promotion to build a better music experience.

Call us on 0114 2756048 or email us at to arrange.