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The new Cyrus PSX-R2 is now available
The new Cyrus PSX-R2 is now available and costs £745

There are a lot of misunderstandings about the role of power supplies in an audio system and yet it is one of the most important areas of electronic component design.

All electronic components rely on a constant voltage and yet the mains supply is variable. By law it is fixed + or – 6% but our own experience has shown that this is the thin end of the wedge and it can be much higher. These fluctuations and spikes can effect the performance of components and also make them noisier that is ideal. Any noise (other than music is bad) so manufacturers have always found ways to try and buffer mains input so as to smooth the voltage in an effort to make it constant.

Very high tolerance components can also change how they work when their voltage is allowed to fluctuate. Consistency is everything so again it is advantageous to regulate this.

Fitting very high performance power supplies into the same box as an audio component is sometimes at odds with it’s purpose. For example the huge transformer and capacitors required to smooth out the mains may well themselves generate noise if placed close to a phono stage or the delicate pre-amp circuitry. Putting in high end power supplies also drives up the cost of the main unit.

Building a separate self-contained power supply has lots of advantages. For a start it removes “noisy” components away from here they can do harm. Also it means that such a power supply can be added later as an “upgrade” that can unlock the true potential of the unit it is connected to.

In the Cyrus range the PSX-R has long been a well regarded upgrade for many of their components. By providing an extremely smooth and stable DC feed, the PSX-R helps the partnered component to achieve its full potential.

The Cyrus PSX-R2 is an improved version of the longest serving and cumulatively the biggest selling Cyrus unit ever produced. It has proven to be a wonderful addition to many system owners and continues to convince Cyrus owners to invest in a sophisticated power supply to fully appreciate the electronics they already own.


Further Information

What does it sound like?

We’d suggest you listen to a system or component with and without a Cyrus PSX-R2 to demonstrate the clear benefits it brings. You will be able to hear that music sounds more detailed and it is easier to follow rhythms with the PSX-R2 connected. Because you will perceive new levels of fine detail the system allows you to comprehend subtle emotional nuances that expose the performer’s emotion and passion.  These elements are always captured in the recording but unresolved until the system is able to discern a higher level of detail.

Background noise is reduced and sounds appear to arrive “out of blackness”. Amplifiers sound more dynamic and controlled whilst source components sound more musical and involving.

So how does it work?

The unit works by providing a regulated DC power feed free of negative artefacts that are present in all domestic mains supplies. Connecting a PSX-R2 enables the high grade components in the partnering component to perform to their full potential. This is one of our most popular upgrades and is highly recommended. The PSX-R2 provides new depth and detail to the sound output of partnering products by providing extremely low noise power to the circuits within the unit. Low noise high gain amplifiers connected in a propriety design filter out any unwanted noise and provide remarkable benefits in sound quality. If you consider that amplifiers and other audio electronics work by making copies of the incoming signal, it is obvious that the copy will sound better because if DC voltage lines are cleaner. A stable, strong and separated power supply can provide huge sound quality benefits for a hi-fi system.

By powering part of the workings of a Cyrus unit, the PSX-R2 lessens the strain on its internal power supply. This separation of power makes the unit work more efficiently, and creates a stronger and more detailed sound.

A fully regulated 300W DC power supply, the PSX-R2 uses intelligent connectivity which automatically adjusts its output parameters to suit the partnering Cyrus component.

Connection to a partnering Cyrus unit is made through a high quality XLR cable. In all instances this audiophile power supply can be added into the system without any changes to the existing components.

What is improved over the PSX-R Mk 1?

Our flagship Anniversary system developed to celebrate our 30 years in hi-fi, incorporated many enhancements that included improvements to both AC and DC lines in the PSX-R. These enhancements have been transferred into the PSX-R2 and have improved the unit’s ability when partnered with our more recent amplifiers that are capable of greater resolution today not possible ten years ago.

Owners of the original PSX-R can have their Mk 1 power supply upgraded by the Cyrus factory to full PSX-R2 specification. See here for more information on upgrades.

In detail

The concept is that a power supply provides a super smooth DC feed to the highly refined electronics to you can hear the full potential of the products you have purchased.

In many products the PSX-R2 works in tandem with the built-in power supply to allow each part of the unit to be powered separately, thereby removing any cross contamination from for example the motors in a Cyrus CD player

Technical Information

Electrical Outputs –

±35.5 VDC for stereo power and integrated amplifiers
±18-30 VDC for mono-bloc power and other amplifiers
±21 VDC for low power applications

Power – 300VA toroidal transformer

Dimensions (H x W x D) – 73 x 215 x 360 mm

Weight – 7kg

What will a PSX-R do for my Cyrus products?

CD Player and PSX-R

A PSX-R connected to the CD player provides a smooth battery like DC current to the transport mechanism, removing the strain of the motor from the internal power supply and allowing the internal power supply to focus on the sensitive audio circuitry in the DAC and analogue audio stages.

Integrated amplifier and PSX-R

Integrated Amplifier
By taking over the pre-amplifier stage the PSX-R allows the integrated’s internal power supply to focus on the power amplification circuitry. By effectively splitting the power supplies into pre and power sections the benefits of a separate pre/power system are achieved.

Streamer and PSX-R

Stream XP and Stream XP₂
Adding a PSX-R to the Stream XP and Stream XP₂ will provide a clean, smooth power supply to the delicate circuitry within the analogue section. This ensures that the Stream XP and Stream XP₂ are providing the best possible signal to the connected power amplifiers, maximising the resulting sound quality.

Pre-amp and PSX-R

The addition of the PSX-R to the Pre-amp provides a cleaner smoother mains current to the audio circuitry of the Pre. Although the 300VA transformer may seem overkill for a pre-amplifier – the difference it makes to the Pre must be heard to be appreciated.

DAC X Signature
The PSX-R connects to the DAC X Signature to take over the analogue filter stages of the DAC and improve the signal quality to the output stages of the DAC X Signature. A demonstration of this upgrade shows just what a difference the PSX-R can make to the DAC X Signature.

DAC XP Signature
Like the DAC X Signature, the PSX-R powers the filter stages of the DAC XP Signature, further separating the DAC and preamp power supplies to make the DAC XP Signature the highest performance preamp in the Cyrus range. The PSX-R further boosts the quality of this audiophile digital component.

X Power
The PSX-R takes the X Power to another level of power amplification. By powering the audio output stages and separating control and audio signal power supplies the PSX-R really boosts the finesse of the X Power translating into even smoother treble and mid-range performance and a faster weightier bass response.


We have the PSX-R2 on demonstration and also have one available for home trial. We think that like us you’ll be surprised at how substantial improvement it can offer.

We also have an introductory offer on the PSX-R2 for those who own the earlier incarnation. We will offer a swap old for new for £400. This will include collection and delivery of the new unit. Our only proviso is that your unit is boxed and in good condition.

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